Max Ghoul Codes

Max Ghoul Codes: Max Ghoul is a Roblox game based on Tokyo Ghoul’s popular anime. The game is set in an open world, with various friends and foes. 

As you progress through the game, you’ll get Yen and RCs. However, since it’s an official Roblox game, it’s possible to use different codes to get numerous freebies and rewards. 

We have updated our list of all active codes to play Roblox Max Ghoul.

All Roblox Max Ghoul Codes

Since these codes are limited in time, hurry to get them back before they cease functioning, the following are all active and working codes for the Max Ghoul.

  • There are no active codes!

At present, only the above code seems to work. However, we’ll modify this code when more regulations are released.

Expired Codes

The following are all codes that aren’t working:

  • Juuzou13—Redeem for free rewards
  • 3DAYTRAVELING—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • LONGTIMETOUPDATE—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • MASK7—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • WHEREMASKSHOP—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • ARATAGRADE—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • code:HNY2022—Redeem for free rewards
  • code:AirIsCold—Redeem for free rewards
  • code:NanaraEiEi—Redeem for free rewards
  • code:Laggy—Redeem for free rewards
  • code:AfterWinter—Redeem for free rewards
  • MyExamDayIsComming—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • YelenaIsScary—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • IWantNewCode—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • 6Mvisits—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • WaitForNewProject—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • GojoSatori—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • AfterValentine—Redeem for Yen and RC
  • NotUpdateNow—Redeem for Yen and RC

How to Redeem the Codes?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes:

  • Launch Max Ghoul on Roblox.
  • Once you have started the game, you need to click on the symbol for text on the left-hand side of the display.
  • After that, type in and enter that previously mentioned working code in the text box.
  • Get your free reward immediately.

How to Get More Codes?

You can save this page by maintaining tabs on the most recent active and expiring codes of Max Ghoul. We keep the list of working codes up to date as new regulations become available. We also ensure that the code is updated whenever they cease to function.

Which are keybinds?

  • To Equip: Keys 1, 2
  • To change mode: C
  • For Skill: Keys E, R, T, F
  • Sprint: V
  • Arata: G
  • Mask: B
  • Menu: M
  • Dash: Q

This is all there is to know about the working codes available in Roblox Max Ghoul. Explore our extensive collection of Roblox Gift Coupons and Promo Codes for Roblox to get more freebies here at News Gater.