maximize talents Toddler hacks in The Sims 4

Maximize talents Toddler hacks in The Sims 4: There is no denying that parenthood may be difficult at times, even if parents in real life certainly love their children and would sacrifice everything for them. It takes a lengthy, laborious process to teach a developing person how to create and adjust abilities. 

Even while things are much simpler in The Sims 4 than real life, raising a kid may still be challenging. So here are some cheat codes to assist your Sims child in maximizing their talents if you’ve ever wished they would develop more quickly.

Cheats for the toddler skills in The Sims 4.

Open the command console in-game first before entering any of the cheat codes listed here. Then, to activate cheats on a PC, hold down CTRL, Shift, and C simultaneously and enter testingcheats proper. 

Press the four shoulder buttons on your PlayStation or Xbox simultaneously as typing testing cheats true.

In The Sims 4, toddlers have a total of five talents. As follows:

  • Communication
  • Imagination
  • Movement
  • Potty
  • Thinking

While you can work with them in-game to improve in each of these areas, it is far easier and quicker to type a code that will instantly level them up to the maximum in each. 

To apply the skill set to a toddler, choose the child and launch the console command. Then, enter one of the various cheat codes from the following list when the typing field is prepared.

  • Statistic skill toddler communication stats.set skill level 5
  • Statistic skill toddler imagination level 5 of stats. Developed skill level
  • statistic skill toddler movement 5, stats.set skill level
  • statistic skill toddler potty level 3 of stats.set skill level
  • statistic skill toddler thinking level: 5

Keep in mind that the Potty skill only has a level three maximum. Additionally, you cannot teach a child numerous things at once, so practice typing out these lengthy codes. It just requires changing the last word for the right talent after you have mastered the fundamental structure for them.