Minecraft modder adds garlic bread shotgun

Minecraft modder adds garlic bread shotgun: You may shock to hear that some Minecraft players have some culinary ability, given that they are primarily renown for their non-edible creations. They are a future cricket stadium, a reproduction of a real-world castle. Or a faithful recreation of GTA Online’s Diamond Casino.

These square cooks often see toiling over a hot oven or a Redstone-powered kebab machine. Producing fine food that cannot duplicate by plunging an innocent pig into a lava pool.

Thankfully, a new update has offered these Minecraft Gordon Ramsay’s some exciting fresh ingredients to work with and a unique weapon to use to intimidate anyone who inquires when dinner will be ready.

Prepare to cook and create a delicious blaze.

The mod in issue name “GarliCraft” and created by modder TwentyWrong, whose earlier work gave the game a somewhat bizarre creepy experience.

But now, they’ve used their modding skills to add a well-known herb to the game in several mouthwatering ways.

The first two of these might be valuable additions to any Minecraft shopping list since butter can make by heating any of the game’s milk, and garlic can find as a herb in the wild while exploring.

While each of these components may eat individually. It may preferable to bake some bread and mix them all to make garlic bread. The feast of kings and, in the words of the moderator’s description: “a pretty fantastic food source.”

Even if you don’t like this delicacy, you should probably keep your dislike to yourself if offered. Otherwise, the moderator could direct the last addition toward you.

This new item, a shotgun constructed of garlic bread and iron that supposedly delivers a very spicy punch, is the ideal weapon for any culinary warrior.

Additionally, TwentyWrong speculates in the description that other garlic-based weaponry may add to the mod in later versions. Presumably enlarging the arsenal of tools for doling out some delectable justice.

So keep that in mind the next time you criticize a Minecraft restaurant. Be sure to follow us for more Roblox and Minecraft updates as new stuff release in both games