5 Killer Tips to Play Minecraft Pixelmon for Beginners?

Minecraft Pixelmon for Beginners: The fusion of Minecraft and Pokémon has created one of the most popular mods for Minecraft: Pixelmon. This game takes the traditional Pokémon rules and puts them in Minecraft. Players can travel from town to town, meeting and catching Pokémon along the way.

5 Killer Tips to Play Minecraft Pixelmon for Beginners?

Those unfamiliar with Pokémon may struggle at first, as Pixelmon can be a challenge if you’re not prepared. Here are some great tips for beginners at Pixelmon.

1. Make lots of Pokéballs

Pokéballs are the way to catch Pokémon. It will be your team and will survive in Pixelmon. To craft a Pokéball, you will collect three irons, three cooked acorns, and a stone button. Once you have all of this, you can create a Pokéball and catch wild Pokémon.

2. Train your Pokémon

Usually, at the beginning of Pixelmon, your Pokémon will be low-level and difficult to train as it is difficult to find many low-level Pokémon in the wild. So run away when you need to and look for Pokemon that are easy to defeat. A good option for level grinding is Magikarp, as it is a weak Pokémon that does not have an offensive move before level 15.

3. Keep your Pokémon healthy

Carry lots of potions to keep your Pokémon’s health high. You can also head over to Pokémon Centers to heal your Pokémon, so it’s a good idea to know where one is. Another way to heal your Pokémon is to sleep on a bed.

4. Items can be found in nature

You can get items from other places besides Pokémart. Be on the lookout for hidden items. These can be potions, TMs, status healing items, and more. Finding them in the wild allows you to save some money and find some things that might not be in the store.

5. Don’t neglect the Minecraft stuff

Despite Pokémon, Pixelmon is still Minecraft, which means you can use the knowledge from that game here. Some things work differently with this mod, but overall you can trust that most things will stay the same.


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