Minecraft Villager workstations

Minecraft Villager workstations:  It will take some time to set up a trading post for villagers in Minecraft, but anybody hoping to access a multitude of resources will find the work well worth it. By doing this, you may increase each Villager’s ability to trade while also obtaining many uncommon things.

However, you must ensure that your Villagers have a variety of occupations to ensure that you cover as many bases as possible. To achieve this, you must assemble the appropriate workstations. They are all listed below.

Minecraft Villager workstations

The whole villager workbench in Minecraft

Here is a list of every single workstation block in Minecraft, along with the job that your Villager receives when they claim it.

  • Fisherman in a barrel
  • Blasphemy – Armorer
  • Standing Brewer – Cleric
  • Table of Cartography – Cartographer
  • Leatherworker – Cauldron
  • Farmer and Composter
  • Fletcher’s Fletching Table
  • Grindstone – Weaponsmith
  • Librarian – Lectern
  • Shepherd – Loom
  • Table for smithing – Toolsmith
  • Butcher and smoker
  • Masons and stonecutters

Some of the blocks above may be found in villages, and on occasion, they may even have villager occupants. But if not, you’ll have to track them down, bring them home, and go through giving them that block.

Look around unusual buildings and other settlements for the missing blocks you need to obtain.

There is a limit on how many jobs any Villager may hold at once, but you can force them to switch at any moment. In addition, you may attempt to have them breed if you also need additional villagers in your region.