Minister Ajay Mishra Screams At Reporter To Referencing Son's Jailed

Minister Ajay Mishra Screams At Reporter To Referencing Son’s Jailed.

The Union minister Ajay Mishra is being put under more pressure to resign over the jailing of his son. Meanwhile, his son has been accused of kicking over Uttar Pradesh’s Lakhimpur Kheri, farmers which is seen in a video of him yelling at a reporter and throwing insults at the media.

“Don’t ask these dumb questions. Dimag kharaab hai kya be (Are you mad? ),” the minister is seen shouting after being was asked by a reporter about a report from a probe that suggests new charges for the son of his Ashish Mishra.

Mr. Mishra is the Minister of State in Home under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. He was also seen pinning on an interviewer and then grabbing his microphone. “Mic band Karo be (shut the microphone),” he says.

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The video shows the suspect using expletives and calling journalists ” chor(thieves)”.

The incident happened when the minister was launching an oxygen plant in Lakhimpur Kheri, where he visited his son. The latter was in jail the day before.

Opposition demands for Mr . Mishra’s removal of his position in the Union Cabinet have become louder due to a Special Investigation Team report saying the killing of farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri on October 3 was an act of “planned plot”. 

The victims were killed, according to reports, by an unidentified SUV that was driven by Ashish Mishra “to murder” and “not murder by carelessness,” according to the report.

It is also suggested that charges for reckless driving in the direction of Ashish Mishra and others be reformed and an attempted to murder charge as well as the charge of intentionally harming another be added. 

Ashish Mishra and others are currently being charged with murder and conspiracy.

“We would like the minister to quit but the prime minister isn’t prepared. In the way that the government was forced to change the farm laws, it could be forced to remove Ministers,” stated Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi. He set a date for a discussion with the lawmakers regarding the report.