Saturday, January 29, 2022
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More than 1 Lakh Covid Cases Recorded In India

1 Lakh Covid Cases Recorded: Omicron has been causing record numbers of cases worldwide.

Even though it triggers Covid-19, which is less severe, experts warn that this wave can still take over health systems.

India reported fresh COVID-19 cases on Friday. 

This is nearly 28 percent more than the day before’s numbers. 

In addition, daily Covid cases jump by 15% on Friday, after 17335 new issues are discover in just 24 hours.

Many Covid restrictions have  place in place in the country’s capital because of the increase.

 A curfew for the weekend from 10 pm on Friday through 5 am Monday has been impose.

 Only the essential services will be permitted during these hours.

Omicron causes record levels of cases across the globe. 

Although it can cause less severe Covid-19, experts warn that this outbreak is still threatening to take over health systems. 

Six weeks after its first sequencing in the southern part of Africa, Omicron patients are shattering record numbers of infections, with the average number of daily cases reaching nearly 2 million following an AFP count.

The World Health Organization has said that the spreading of Omicron was due to a mix of factors, including the composition in the variant Covid-19 and an increase in social mixing.


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