Mother was arrested for murdering a baby who was 27 days old in Kerala

Mother was arrested for murdering a baby who was 27 days old in Kerala. 

A mother who had a 27-day old baby boy was detained on Monday for her son’s death by hitting on the walls with his head, police claimed.

According to police, the infant was often sick. However, his crying incessantly prompted the mother, 21 years old, to take action.

The incident took place on the 9th of December. The child was admitted to the hospital in the city at 11 am the next day and returned home after receiving medicine that doctors prescribed, the police reported.

In the following days, the baby’s health deteriorated during the day. Finally, the infant was taken to a hospital for taluks, where he passed away.

After that, it initiated a criminal investigation following a statement made by the priest Joji Thomas, the director of an ashram. The woman was employed as a cook and lived with her 45-year-old love, police reported.

The postmortem was conducted on the 10th of December. An official from the police spoke to the doctor who performed the postmortem and discovered that the child suffered trauma to the back of the head.

The damage was not obvious or apparent due to the tiny skull of the child, the police stated. They said that an official visited the child’s parents and asked them questions.

The woman had exhibited mental distress and was not investigated in detail. 

However, when they made inquiries regarding the couple. The police found that they had spoken to each other and had begun living together in the Ashram.

The baby’s father was married, and the woman lived with him, but she wasn’t aware of what the police stated.

Police said that subsequent investigations discovered that the mother had killed the child was detained.

The girl was enrolled in an institute that was privately situated in Kottayam. However, when she got to talk to her lover on the phone and then determined to kill her child. 


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