How to Move Fall Guys Off of the Player’s Searching Mode

Move Fall Guys Off of the Player’s Searching Mode: Whether we like it or not, users often have issues when new games first debut. Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Fall Guys Free for All, as several players have reported errors while waiting for the Queue to fill.

Fortunately, this issue can resolve, so here’s what you should do if you get stuck on the Fall Guys’ Looking for Players page.

How to Move Fall Guys Off of the Player’s Searching Mode

High traffic counts have impacted Fall Guys’ most recent Free for All version upgrade, leading to bugs and long loading times. Here is a list of things you can try to get off the Fall Guys’ “Looking for Players” screen if you presently stuck:

Leave the line and retry.

You’ll have more chances to join a competition if you choose many game alternatives to increase your selection.

Analyze your internet connection.

Start the game over.

Visit the official Fall Guy Twitter, Down Detector, or Fall Guys Public Issue Tracker to see whether the servers are experiencing problems.

If issues keep occurring, uninstall the game.

If you’ve tried every one of these potential fixes and Fall Guys is still not working. You may have to wait until the server problems fixed.

As shown above, Mediatonic has tweeted that they are aware of the Queue and private match problems and aim to get them fix soon:

You now have all the information you need to resolve the Fall Guys stuck Looking for the Players loading screen. We hope the game’s troubles resolve soon.

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