Musk will address Twitter staff this week.

Musk will address Twitter staff this week: Following the $44 billion proposal, Tesla CEO Elon Musk will meet with Twitter staff for the first time. Since making the bid to buy Twitter, Musk has been harshly critical of the company’s leadership.

According to reliable sources, Musk will meet with Twitter staff on Thursday and answer their questions directly. As a result, the Twitter partnership has put on hold for the time being.

Musk has promised to meet with staff and attend an all-hands meeting this week, according to Business Insider. Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal sent an email to all workers informing them of Musk’s meeting.

According to a representative for the newspaper, he indicated that staff might submit questions to Musk ahead of time. According to the Wall Street Journal, the event will moderate by marketing head Leslie Berland.

Musk will address Twitter staff this week

Musk had previously said that he had put the agreement on hold and that he was preparing to cancel the interview. However, Twitter quickly agreed to provide Musk all of the information regarding the spam bots.

Musk would be granted access to platform data to address his worries about spam bots. According to a Washington Post story. The “Firehose” API stores information on each and every tweet that is sent out.

“Twitter’s recent promise to just share further facts about the company’s own testing processes… is comparable to Mr. Musk’s data demands refused.”

Mr. Musk feels Twitter is “clearly refusing to comply with its responsibilities under the merger agreement at this time,” according to Musk’s counsel in the petition.

Musk threatened to walk away from the arrangement on June 6 if Twitter did not release information on spam bots. Musk claimed that 20% of Twitter accounts are spam bots, while Twitter refuted his assertions, claiming that just 5% of funds are spam bots. Musk has said that bots are one of the most inconvenient aspects about Twitter.

“Musk thinks Twitter is openly refusing to comply with its merger agreement responsibilities, raising additional suspicion that the firm is suppressing requested data out of fear of what Musk’s own examination of that data may reveal,” Musk said in his letter to Twitter. The letter said, “Musk feels the firm is intentionally fighting and undermining his information rights.”