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Najvot Sidhu resumes resignation but offers new ultimatum to Congress

Najvot Sidhu resumes resignation but offers new ultimatum to Congress.

Navjot Singh Sidhu resigned in anger in September over appointments made by Charanjit Channi.

New Delhi, India: Navjot Singh Sidhu said today that he had withdrawn his resignation as head of Punjab’s Congress, but wasted no time in delivering a new ultimatum to his party. He said he would return to his office “when a new General Counsel is appointed.”

This could be difficult, given that Punjab’s Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi has reportedly rejected the resignation of APS Deol, the man Sidhu wants to remove as Punjab’s attorney general.

“I have withdrawn my resignation,” Sidhu told reporters, finally announcing what had been anticipated three weeks ago after his meeting with Rahul Gandhi.

“When a new Advocate General is appointed, I will go to the party office and take over,” he added.

Deol had surrendered his resignation to the Chief Minister on Monday after repeated attacks by Sidhu, who wants him out for representing two accused police officers in a 2015 police sack and dismissal case.

The state government has yet to clarify whether the resignation has been accepted or not. Sources say Channi has refused to accept it, further enraging Sidhu.

Mr. Deol was a lawyer for former police chief Sumedh Saini, one of the defendants in the case involving the desecration of the Sikh religious text Guru Granth Sahib, and the police fired at the protesters.

Aside from the Advocate General, Mr. Sidhu has also been lobbying for IPS Sahota to be removed as Punjab Police Chief. Sahota was the head of a special investigation team formed in 2015 by the then Akali government to investigate incidents of sacrilege.

“How can a lawyer who got bail for Sumedh Saini be the general counsel and a person like IPS Sahota be the DGP?” Mr Sidhu was enraged.

“I have been reminding the new Chief Minister on these issues. Who was the torchbearer in exposing the issue of drugs and sacrilege? It was our president Rahul Gandhi. We must solve these problems,” said the converted cricketer. in politics, he seemed to nudge. the address of your party.

Sidhu resigned in anger in September over his objections to appointments made by the man who replaced his rival Amarinder Singh as chief minister, Charanjit Singh Channi.

Amarinder Singh was forced to resign in September after months of acrimony with Sidhu. But his departure did not end infighting in the Punjab Congress.

With the Punjab elections only weeks away, Sidhu has not stopped attacking his own government and Channi on a variety of issues.

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