Naval Training Centre Revived At Jammu And Kashmir Lake After 33 Years

The Indian Navy has reopened its training facility at Manasbal Lake in Jammu and Kashmir’s Ganderbal district, 33 years after it was shuttered due to the outbreak of terrorism in the former state.

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) in Jammu and Kashmir received outstanding naval training at the Manasbal Lake location in central Kashmir.

However, according to authorities, the location had to be abandoned in 1989 due to the worsening security situation, and the training sites were moved to Mansar Lake in Jammu.

They said that the naval training facility had been effectively reactivated after a 33-year hiatus thanks to improving the security situation in Kashmir.

According to the authorities, the Manasbal Development Authority has offered a suitable camping location on the lakeside with enough infrastructure, and two navy training boats have been relocated from Mansar.

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Group Commander NCC Group Srinagar Brigadier K S Kalsi told reporters at the training facility that it was a historical event and a milestone day for the NCC in the Kashmir valley.

After a 33-year hiatus, the naval wing’s NCC training operations are being resumed in this lovely setting of Manasbal Lake, according to Brigadier Kalsi. “100 NCC cadets, including ladies from different institutions in Jammu and Kashmir, are participating in the camp,” he said.

He said that a key component of nation-building is the NCC. It strives to educate the nation’s young to instill discipline and cultivate civic responsibility in them.

He said, “We also prepare them to join the military forces.”

According to Brigadier Kalsi, the NCC began operating in Kashmir in 1965, however, owing to the security situation, the naval center at Manasbal was shut down in 1989.

He said the center had been revitalized due to the situation’s improvement. He said that we are now prepared to begin training and revitalize this region.

The cadets will get instruction in various pursuits, including boat pulling, sailing, signaling, and ship modeling.

The cadets had to relocate from Kashmir to Jammu to conduct these exercises, formerly conducted in the Mansar lake region. In addition, the freeway was often closed, which was quite inconvenient.

“It served as a deterrent. Now that Manasbal will be open, we are confident and optimistic that the cadets of the Kashmir valley would greatly benefit from this lovely setting “Colonel Kalsi said.

He said the young people in the area would be inspired to join the NCC by this gorgeously situated training center.

He said the facility’s inaugural training is being attended by 100 NCC cadets around Jammu and Kashmir. To prepare the cadets for the next national-level NCC camp in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, which starts on October 2, the program will last until September 26.