NCB SIT Takes Over You Can Look At Aryan Khan Case Again

NCB SIT Takes Over You Can Look At Aryan Khan Case Again.

A special investigation team from the Office of Narcotics Control arrived in Mumbai on Saturday to take over six cases, including the alleged Cordelia drug arrest case in which actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan, was arrested.

These cases were transferred from NCB Mumbai Zonal Unit Director Sameer Wankhede to SIT on Friday. Wankhede has been at the center of a storm since Aryan Khan’s arrest on October 2, followed by questions about the credentials of witnesses in the case and serious accusations leveled against him by CPN leader and Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik.

When NCB Deputy Director General Sanjay Kumar Singh, who heads the 15-member SIT, arrived in Mumbai, NCB sources suggested that Aryan Khan’s case can be re-examined given the allegations made by Malik and others. regarding the case.

“The SIT will carry out the investigation that Wankhede has carried out and will carry out an investigation going forward. The Delhi unit has taken up these cases as there are international ramifications. Wherever doubts have been raised or allegations of corruption have been made, such cases can be re-examined, ”said an OCN official.

Corruption allegations have been brought against Wankhede in the Aryan Khan case and the NCB is also conducting a surveillance investigation against him and his team. Prabhakar Sail, a witness in the case, has alleged that KP Gosavi – he is also a witness and his selfie with Aryan Khan in custody made the rounds of social media – demanded money on Wankhede’s behalf.

The six cases turned over to the SIT comprise the Aryan Khan case, a narcotics case against Malik’s son-in-law Sameer Khan, another against actor Armaan Kohli, and drug raids in the Mumbra, Jogeshwari and Dongri areas of Mumbai.

The sources said the SIT will complete the paperwork to take over the cases this weekend and begin formal investigations Monday onwards.

“Wankhede’s help will be taken when necessary. In due course, people will be called in and questioned. All the evidence collected will be thoroughly analyzed, ”said an OCN official.

On Friday, after all, six cases were removed, Wankhede told The Indian Express: “In my judicial petition to the Bombay High Court, I had requested that a central agency investigate these cases. So it’s not like they took me off the cases or moved me anywhere. I am still the director of the Bombay unit. ”

His petition, however, does not mention these cases but sets out his demand that a central agency investigates the corruption allegations against him.

Sanjay Singh, who heads SIT, is a 1996 IPS officer from Odisha cadre and served on the CBI from 2008 to 2015 when he returned to cadre status.

He joined the NCB in January of this year and took over the agency’s operations.

All three cases, in addition to the cases involving Aryan Khan, Armaan Kohli and Sameer Khan, relate to drug raids in parts of Mumbai and involve foreign nationals.

A raid on Mumbra by the OCN on September 15 led to the arrest of two people and the seizure of 1.75 kg of mephedrone and 3.9 kg of ephedrine. The two men were identified as Sahil Aji and Ibrahim Jehangir. Follow-up action led to two more arrests, including a person from Gujarat who allegedly supplied mephedrone to wealthy clients there.

Another case transferred to the SIT was the one that led to the arrest of three people, including an alleged drug trafficker Sameer Merchant alias Sameer Langda, on July 26. In the raid in Jogeshwari, the OCN claimed to have recovered 1.2 kg of charas and 17.5 lakh rupees in cash.

The third case is related to an NCB raid in Dongri earlier this year where 65 grams of MD were recovered.

A senior official said the six cases have “international ties” and will be investigated by the SIT.

In the last year, the NCB has registered several cases involving foreign nationals. In the past five months alone, the agency has arrested 28 foreign nationals.

The officer said the cases were transferred for “administrative reasons” and did not specify on what basis these six cases were selected for investigation by the SIT.

Prior to this, it was only when the OCN was investigating the Sushant Singh Rajput case that a team from the Operations Unit of the OCN headquarters in Delhi had camped out in Mumbai to assist with the investigation.

Mumbai NCB officials said all necessary documentation was provided to SIT on Saturday.

The sources said that the NCB surveillance team that is investigating the corruption allegations against Wankhede recorded the statement of one of the officers involved in the Cordelia raid again in Delhi earlier this week.

Meanwhile, the SIT set up by the Mumbai police in connection with extortion allegations against NCB officials following the Cordelia raid recorded the statements of two people on Saturday. Gosavi reportedly asked them to contact Shah Rukh Khan’s manager, Pooja Dadlani.

The Mumbai police have so far received four complaints regarding corruption charges. The Police Commissioner has formed an SIT to investigate the charges.