NCC Cadets get bonus points in the Agnipath scheme: Gurbirpal Singh

The National Cadet Corps General, Lieutenant General Gurbirpal Singh, said on Friday that NCC Cadets get bonus points in the Agnipath scheme.

Speaking at the NCC women officers’ convocation event, he said that to encourage young people to enlist in the military in large numbers, this new strategy for recruiting troops into the three armed forces will be communicated to the NCC cadets by its officers.

At the NCC Officers’ Training Academy, female NCC officers saluted General Gurbirpal Singh. After three months of training at this institution, 112 women from various regions of India became NCC officers.

General Gurbirpal Singh spoke to the female officers and conveyed his trust in their ability to perform an outstanding job of transforming young people into model citizens.

Later, Lt. Gen. Singh spoke with the media and said, “Since 1950, women cadets have made significant contributions to the NCC.

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Agnipath, a recent army recruiting initiative, was launched. NCC commanders would give the cadets extensive explanations and additional information about it.” He added that NCC cadets with grades of A, B, and C would get extra points in Agnipath.

According to Lt Gen Singh, young people from all regions of India, mostly from rural areas, join the NCC. These young people would enlist as Agniveers to serve in the military, and after four years of duty, they would be perfect citizens.

When asked whether there was a plan to make NCC mandatory at schools and universities, he said that a high-powered committee had been established to examine the corps’ needs and matters about mandatory training.

The panel’s report is forthcoming, he continued.

The Agnipath program, unveiled on June 14, calls for recruiting young people between the ages of 17 and a half and 21 for just four years, with the option of keeping 25% of them for an additional 15 years. Later, the government raised the maximum age to 23 for hiring in 2022.

The individuals hired under the new plan will be called “Agniveers.”

Following the government’s introduction of the program, violent demonstrations broke out in several states, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Telangana.