New World Winter Wanderer Village Locations

New World Winter Wanderer Village Locations: With the New World Winter Convergence Festival, the Winter Wanderer Yeti now needs to identify the villages. 

You will need to go to these villages to receive rewards.

You will receive skins, armor, and emotes, as well as consumables. 

Many players try to find the Winter Villages’ locations as the festival moves towards Aeternum. 

We have the perfect guide for you if you are also one of these players.

We will now show you where each village is located.

New World Winter Wanderer Village Locations

Eastern Everfall Winter Village Location

Bearclaw Spirit Shrine is the best landmark to locate this village in New World. The Eastern Everfall Village can be found very close to this shrine once completed the game.

Bluffs of the Southern Monarch

The Dreadscythe Spirit Shrine is located near the Southern Monarch’s Bluffs Winter Village in New World. The village is very close to the shrine once you have reached it.

Fen of Northern Weaver

Head to Mallory’s Refuge Spirit Shrine. The Northern Weaver’s Fen Village will be within easy reach once you have done this.

New World Winter Wanderer Village Locations

Western Brightwood

This village is located near Fort Alazar, also known as Wolfbough. The Western Brightwood Winter Village is located close to the fort.

There you have it. These are all the New World Winter Villages. These locations can reach the villages, as you can see quickly. 

This will bring you incredible rewards you won’t want to miss! You can use Winter Tokens for items to be purchased once you have arrived in the villages.

Now you are familiar with the Winter Village Locations.

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