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The New Xbox Game Pass Games for January 2022

New Xbox Game Pass Games for January 2022: The Microsoft Xbox Game Pass subscription service was a huge success year in 2021, featuring some of the top-rated new games launching on the first day of Xbox Game Pass games. 

It included titles like Psychonauts 2 that received high praise from critics, and Halo Infinite, which hailed as an opportunity to return to form for the adored FPS series.

 Forza Horizon 5 was also a day-one Xbox Game Pass game, which is notable because it was the most highly-rated video game in 2021.

There’s a lot of enthusiasm for Xbox Game Pass after the phenomenal performance of the service this year. Microsoft continues to make sure that it is a success to kick off the new year.

 January 2022 has already seen several significant features added to Xbox Game Pass. 

Xbox Game Pass lineup with many more significant games coming later during the month. 

This will ensure gamers on Xbox Game Pass subscribers always are playing something new.

Below are the games confirm to be part of Xbox Game Pass in January 2022 to date. 

Be aware that Microsoft often announces the newest Xbox Game Pass games in two installments each month, which means it’s likely that the second quarter of January will include additional Game Pass titles that haven’t yet been announced.

Xbox Game Pass January 2022 Games List

  • Gorogoa January 4
  • Ouija January 4
  • The Pedestrian The Pedestrian
  • Embr – January 6
  • Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (Xbox Game Pass Ultimate/PC Game Pass) until January 6
  • Outer Wilds – January 6
  • Spelunky 2 . – 13 January
  • The Anacrusis The Anacrusis
  • No One can save the World January 18
  • Paparazzi – January 20
  • Rainbow Six Extraction – January 20
  • Windjammers 2 to January 20

Xbox Game Pass Games

Microsoft began January 2022 with a bang in the realm of Xbox Game Pass with three good additions to its lineup. 

Gorogoa is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning puzzle game that should certainly appeal to fans of the genre. In contrast, Ouija and The Pedestrian are two platformers that should appeal to fans of that genre.

 The Pedestrian is also the first day one Xbox Game Pass game because it’s having its Xbox debut despite being released on other platforms a while ago.

Then, a few days after that, Microsoft added another three games to Game Pass, though one is available only for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

 Firefighting games with co-op Embr and the sci-fi adventure games The Outer Wilds are accessible for all Xbox Game Pass subscribers as of January 6; 

However, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available only to subscribers with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or PC Game Pass.

It is because mass Effect: Legendary Edition add to Xbox Game Pass through EA Play.

 EA Play is one of the advantages that come with being an Xbox Game Pass. Ultimate subscriber and gaining all the benefits that come with Xbox Live Gold. 

In the end, it does not make sense to subscribe to the standard Xbox Game Pass at this moment, as Ultimate almost pays for itself through the additional value.

 Those who upgrade ought to seriously think about upgrading whenever they can.

With these updates, Microsoft has started January 2022 with a roaring start in the realm of Xbox Game Pass, but it’s not going to stop there. 

On January 13, we’ll bring two additional titles to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, which will include Spelunky 2 and The Anacrusis add to the roster.

 Spelunky 2 is a cooperative platformer known for being as tough as nails. However, just like its predecessor, it has received a lot of praise from critics. 

In contrast, Anacrusis is an early access co-op shooter, which has been like The Left 4 Dead.

This is the summary of the first quarter of January 2022 and the games Microsoft has laid out to play on Xbox Game Pass these first two weeks of the year. 

Microsoft is yet to announce the complete list of games for the second quarter of January 2022.

 However, gamers shouldn’t need to wait too long to learn. 

There are certain games Xbox Game Pass subscribers know will be coming. Thanks to releasing dates, announcements, and other such things.

For example, Nobody Saves the World is coming to Xbox Game Pass as an all-day one game on January 18.

 The latest title comes from Drinkbox Studios, the celebrated creator of The Guacamelee series.

 Nobody Saves the World is an exciting action RPG that looks like it’s got a lot of potentials. 

It also features online co-op play, which means that anyone who is looking for an exciting new game. The co-op to take part in should think about checking the game out once it released.

January 200 predict to be one of the most important days to play Xbox Game Pass for the whole month.

 A three-day run of Xbox Game Pass games has already confirmed to launch on January 20, including Pupperazzi and Windjammers 2. 

They are being joined with Rainbow Six ExtractionRainbow Six Extraction is perhaps the most significant new video game released in 2022. 

Therefore, its status as a day-one Xbox Game Pass game is massive for the game service.

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