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New York apartment fire Kills 19 people, including 9 Childs

New York apartment fire Kills 19 people, including 9 Childs. 

New York: A malfunctioning electric space heater set off an explosion that claimed the lives of 19 people. 

It included nine kids in the New York City apartment building located in the Bronx. The fire commissioner told reporters on Sunday.

FDNY Chief Daniel Nigro said the fire quickly ravaged the duplex unit that spans the third and second floors from where it began.

Fires erupted from windows in the apartments as smoke filled the entire building. One person who firefighters rescued told them he’d become insensitive to fire alarms due to the frequent false alarms.

Stefan Ringel, a senior advisor of Mayor Eric Adams, confirmed the death toll. The children who died were either 16 years old or younger.

Thirteen people were still in critical condition, Ringel said. All told, more than five dozen people were injured. Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said many of them suffered serious smoke inhalation.

Adams described the toll of the fire as “horrific” and said this is likely to be among the worst fires we’ve seen in modern times.”

Firefighters discovered people on all floors and took them to the hospital with respiratory and cardiac collapse. Nigro said this is a first for our city.

About 200 firefighters rushed to the structure on East 181st Street around 11 am Sunday. 

Initial reports indicated that the fire was located on three floors of the 19 story structure, with flames erupting from the windows.

The city constructed the 120-unit structure within the Twin Parks North West complex in 1973 as part of a program to construct affordable and modern homes located in the Bronx.

The fire that erupted on Sunday came just days after twelve people, including eight children, died by a house fire in Philadelphia. 

The fatal fire before that occurred in 1989 when a Tennessee apartment tragedy claimed the lives of 16 victims.

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