Nitish Kumar said he is not in the running to be India’s next president

Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister of Bihar, said on Monday that he would not run in the presidential election in July, putting speculation to rest.

“I am not running for President of the United States, and I am not going anyplace; such stories are untrue and are simply speculations,” he declared in response to questions from reporters on the margins of his weekly public outreach event. . On July 18, the country’s highest constitutional seat will be elected. The results will be announced on July 21.

“I repeat, I am not in the race to become the country’s next president,” he said flatly when asked about Bihar Rural Development Minister Shrawan Kumar’s remarks about him being a worthy candidate for the post.

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Shrawan Kumar, a senior JD(U) leader, said Nitish Kumar possessed all the qualities required for the presidency shortly after the presidential election schedule was announced on June 9.

“As a Bihari, I want Nitish Kumar will become President of India,” he added, adding that even if he is not running, “everyone would want him to become President of the nation.”

“He is a superior fit for the job and can handle the responsibilities effectively,” the minister had said.

In February, Maharashtra politician Nawab Malik stated his party, led by Sharad Pawar, was ready to back the JD(U) leader for the country’s highest constitutional post provided he broke relations with the BJP.

Nitish Kumar, who has been the chief minister of Bihar since 2015 and has done so five times before, claimed the alleged use of money and other corrupt practices in the recently finished Rajya Sabha elections did not exist in the state.

“States, where similar occurrences have been documented, must learn from Bihar,” says the study.