‘No criminal will be spared irrespective of religion…..’ Gehlot

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot urged the people to preserve calm after the Udaipur beheading. Gehlot tweeted, “No criminal, regardless of faith or community, shall be spared.” The Chief Minister convened an all-party meeting on Wednesday. Ashok Gehlot called the event a “terrorist act” and provided the deceased’s family financial support of Rs 50 lakh. He said the accused had links to foreign organizations engaged in illicit operations.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot told the state’s people that no one would be spared, regardless of religion or position, if they were involved in the crime. He also asked religious Gurus and social activists from diverse groups to help preserve peace in the state.

He advised people to call 100/101 if they saw anything that may disrupt peace and tranquillity.

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On Wednesday, he called the event a “terrorist attack” and claimed the accused had connections to international criminal organizations. He emphasized that the guilty would face swift punishment.

Two men with a cleaver killed tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur. They uploaded videos online saying they were avenging an insult to Islam, causing rioting in the Rajasthan city, which was put under curfew.

The parties, including the BJP, sought stern punishment for anyone implicated in the crime. They also urged state residents to preserve peace and unity and behave prudence. The all-party meeting approved a resolution condemning the incident.

Gehlot said the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is investigating, and the Rajasthan Police Anti-Terrorism Squad and Special Operation Group cooperate. He denounced the attack of a Bheem cop. The officer was stabbed during a protest march in Rajsamand district’s Bhim town when police fired tear gas to halt a stone-throwing crowd from approaching a mosque.

Speaker of the Rajasthan Assembly C P Joshi advised all parties to preserve peace. We should all keep peace like Rajasthan, he urged. He advised preventing cybercrime, monitoring social media, and forming a cyber intelligence system.

BJP’s Arun Chaturvedi and Ramlal Sharma, Congress’ Govind Singh Dotasra, RLD’s Subhash Garg, and RLP’s Pukhraj attended. Balwan Poonia, Amraram, Narendra Acharya, Rampal Jat, Rajkumar Gaur, and Sanyam Lodha participated in the conference.