Novavax Covid-19 vaccination is recommended by US authorities

Novavax Covid-19 vaccination is recommended by US authorities.

The Novavax Covid-19 injection, a late runner in the battle against the virus that might yet play a role in overcoming vaccine reluctance, was endorsed by a panel of specialists assembled by the US drug regulator on Tuesday.

Pfizer and Moderna, based on messenger RNA, and Johnson & Johnson, which just obtained a recommendation against widespread usage due to ties to a dangerous type of clotting, are the three vaccines now licensed in the United States.

Despite fears that the Novavax vaccination might be connected to rare occurrences of heart inflammation, experts voted 21 in favor of it, with none against it and one abstention.

The conference was scheduled by the Food and Drug Administration, which is anticipated to give emergency use permission shortly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will then weigh in with recommendations on utilizing it.

Maryland-based Novavax was an early leader in the worldwide vaccination race. Still, production and regulatory delays caused it to fall behind.

The US is one of the few large markets that have yet to be approved. However, the EU, UK, Canada, and Australia are many already done so.

Officials believe that the injection, based on viral proteins generated in a lab, would give an option for those still skeptical about mRNA technology. It also doesn’t need the same level of cold storage as Pfizer and Moderna’s injections.

“There is a patient population eager to try this and refuse to take current immunizations. So it’s rather persuasive, in my opinion, “Eric Rubin, an infectious disease expert who attended the conference and voted in favor, explained his decision.

mRNA has been the target of the most misleading campaigns of vaccination technologies.