Nvidia RTX 3090 Super release date

Nvidia RTX 3090 Super release date, and new RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 2060 GPUs.

Several RTX GPU leaks from Nvidia have surfaced in recent weeks. These include plans for RTX 3090 Super. Although it is hard to separate fact from speculation, another insider has added graphics card claims to the rumor mill.

hongzing2020 Nvidia claims that they will launch the new RTX wave in January 2022. It includes the 12GB revival and flagship update to RTX 3090 Super. 

Another leaker suggests that a new RTX3070 Ti will be available with 16GB of memory. Although RTX 3070 Ti upgrades have not been mentioned in previous reports, the leaker suggests that the new gaming GPU be available. 

It will likely have more memory than the RTX 3080.

The Hongzing2020 leak omits previously rumored SKUs like RTX 3080Super, RTX 3070Super, and RTX 3060Super, indicating that these cards are not part of Nvidia’s future lineup. 

The company may have additional video card options in the future. However, this could be due to continuing semiconductor supply problems.

These rumors are likely to prove true, and 8GB graphics cards could be the new standard for gaming PCs. 

Nvidia may reveal a card that has less memory. However, Nvidia might show a card that has more memory than was leaked. AMD is rumored not to have a Radeon RX6600 with 8GB GDDR6 Radeon RX6600 as its new budget. 

Nvidia hasn’t yet officially announced any product updates plans, so it is best to wait for the green team before you get too excited. 

All of the leaks and reports so far look like a GPU puzzle. It gives us a compelling picture of what might becoming.


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