obtain the Coconut ingredient from Roblox Wacky Wizards

obtain the Coconut ingredient from Roblox Wacky Wizards: In addition to the ever-growing list of crazy Wizards shows, live-streamed events like the Volcano event are finally here! For every two hours, players will have the opportunity to participate in the Volcano Event and take on the infamous Bean Titan and the brand-new, somewhat-disturbing enemy Baranski. 

When they have completed the Volcano Event successfully, players can earn their Coconut ingredient! For more information, keep reading.

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How do you get through this Volcano Event and earn the Coconut?

After you’ve been spawned into Wacky Wizards, head towards the volcano and search at the countdown symbol below. When the sign’s value is zero, a message appears on the screen, asking whether you’d like to participate in this Volcano Event. 

If you’d like to test your attempt at getting this Coconut ingredient, press yes!!

After joining the event, the volcano will start to explode and will shoot beans across the area. 

Be aware that these beans will track your every step! Beware of the circles that appear on the ground. They are the indications of where the beans will where will.

When the volcano has erupted After the volcano fully erupts, when the eruption is complete, the Bean Titan will arise from the lava of beans and shoot out massive Bean Drones to take down players. Take the Bean Drones down quickly with the cannons that appear near the NPC Pete!

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obtain the Coconut ingredient from Roblox Wacky Wizards

After taking out all those Bean Drones, the volcano will again erupt to release the Beanski/Evil KSI. We warned you that he could be somewhat disturbing!

Evil KSI’s (Beanski’s) health bar is located on the top of the screen. To take down the evil ksi, you’ll need to make a variety of potions and then load them into one of the cannons on the map. The cannons will fire the brews toward Evil KSI and lower his health!

 We chose an explosive potion. However, any potent damage-dealing drink can work.

Look out for rolled coconuts and Bean Waves as you prepare your potions and take your creations to the cannon.

 As they could make moving across the map extremely difficult. We recommend some potions that fly, like FlyBux, to simplify the journey from one location to the following!

When Evil KSI’s health has been reduced to zero, the volcano will begin to calm, all enemies will go away, and you’ll get your Coconut ingredient!

To include this ingredient in your arsenal, return to your cauldron, and throw it into it.

 After that, you can press the Spawn button within the book that contains your potion to begin the process of making it. In minutes after that, the bean-drone drink will be visible.

You’ll turn into a Bean Drone yourself when you drink this potion!

Coconut potions list

The following list contains every one of the current Coconut recipes!

Name Recipe Description
482 Bean-drone Coconut Become a bean drone!
483 Coconut-tree Coconut + Chameleon Become a deadly coconut tree!
484 Coconut-roll Coconut + You Become a coconut!
485 Coconut-arms Coconut + Pool Noodle Get coconut arms!
486 Coconut-gloves Coconut + Boxing Gloves Get coconut boxing globes!
487 Coconut-grenade Coconut + Dynamite Get a coconut grenade!
488 Dancing-pineapple Coconut + Disco Ball Become a dancing pineapple
489 Pineapple-trampoline Coconut + Frog Spawn a pineapple trampoline
490 Sponge Coconut + Fish Become a sponge!
491 Coconut-legs Coconut + Giraffe Hoof Get coconut legs!