OJ Simpson Net Worth

What is OJ Simpson Net Worth? OJ Simpson’s net worth will be around $3 Million in 2022. 

Orenthal James Simpson, often known as “OJ Simpson,” is an American broadcaster, actor, former running back for the football team, and defendant in what has dubbed the “trial of the century.”

 However, he is growing her wealth very fast.

OJ Simpson Net Worth

Net Worth $3 million
Gender Male
Date of birth July 9, 1947
Place of birth United States of America
Nationality American
Source of Wealth Professional NFL Player


Who is OJ Simpson?

Former American football running back O. J. Simpson, often known by his stage moniker Juice, is also a broadcaster, actor, and spokesperson for commercials.

In the National Football League, O. J. Simpson was a running back who played for a living.

The first NFL player to run for more than 2,000 yards in a season is O. J. Simpson.
After being detained, O. J. Simpson was accused of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

One of the most well-known criminal cases in American history was the 1995 murder trial of O. J. Simpson.

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Early Life

On July 9, 1947, O.J. Simpson was born in San Francisco, California. Eunice Simpson, a hospital administrator, and Jimmy Lee Simpson, a cook and bank keeper, reared him there.

O.J.’s father was a well-known drag performer in the San Francisco Bay region who eventually came out as homosexual and passed away from AIDS in 1986.

After his parents divorced in 1952, O.J. was reared by his mother. Early in his adolescence, O.J. joined the Persian Warriors street gang and spent a short time in a juvenile correctional facility.

After an accidental encounter with baseball legend Willie Mays, Simpson decided to change his ways and steer clear of trouble.

He attended community college after completing his studies at Galileo High School before enrolling on a football scholarship at the University of Southern California.

He was a Heisman Trophy finalist at USC as a junior and won the prize as a senior.


Simpson’s football career as a professional began when he signed with the “Buffalo Bills” in 1969. He was honored as “Man of the Year” by the Sport magazine.

Between 1972 and 1976, O.J. Simpson over 1,000 yards in the running five times in a row.
While still playing professional football, he had success in the film industry.

The Towering Inferno, The Klansman, and Capricorn One are just a few of his 1970s movies.
On June 12, 1994, he accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Following a protracted criminal trial, the “People v. Simpson” in 1995, he was cleared of the allegations.
Later in 1997, a civil court found him responsible and issued a judgment requiring him to pay $33.5 million in compensation and punitive damages.

The FBI raided his Miami home on December 4, 2001, on suspicion of narcotics and money laundering charges. Despite not finding any illicit substances, the detectives did find tools that could be used to steal satellite television content, and they were later sued in federal court for doing so.

He detained in Las Vegas in September 2007 on allegations of abduction, criminal conspiracy, assault, and armed robbery. On December 5, 2008, he sentenced to 33 years in prison after a trial.

The sentence includes a minimum nine-year sentence with no chance of release. He is now incarcerated at the “Lovelock Correctional Center.”

How did OJ Simpson make his money?

O.J. Simpson is an actor, sports pundit, and American football player with a $3 million fortune. However, he is also a convicted felon due to a robbery/kidnapping in Las Vegas in 2007.

Additionally, Simpson hold financially accountable for Ronald Goldman’s death. The 1995 criminal acquittal of Simpson for the killings of Ron Goldman and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

He wasn’t civilly held liable for Nicole’s death. However, O.J. order to pay the Goldman family $33.5 million in damages due to the Ron Goldman civil action.

With interest, the amount now exceeds $40 million. Through the sale of different assets and mementos, around $500,000 was paid down.

O.J. now relies heavily on a fully paid NFL pension, estimated to be worth up to $5 million. However, state law prevents the Goldman family from claiming this pension money.

OJ Simpson Girlfriend

Simpson wed Marguerite Whitley at the age of 19. Together, Arnelle, Jason, and Aaren Simpson were their three children.

Aaren, unfortunately, perished in the family’s pool in August 1979.
Nicole Brown, a club server, introduced Simpson to her in 1977.

Although Simpson and his first wife still legally wed, they started dating. Whitley and Simpson divorced in March 1979. In February 1985, O.J. married Nicole, and together they had two kids named Sydney and Justin.

Seven years passed during their marriage. In 1989, Simpson entered a no contest plea to spousal abuse.

In 1992, the divorce legally completed. However, in 1993, they made an unsuccessful effort to get back together.

What is OJ Simpson Net Worth in 2022?

O. J. Simpson has had a very successful career and is quite well-liked. As a result, O. J. Simpson gained a lot of support.

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OJ Simpson Phone Number

Unfortunately, he did not share his phone number with the public. However, he is very active on social media platforms. So you can contact him through social media and become his friend.

Social Profile

INstagram- https://www.instagram.com/ojsimpsonofficial/?hl=en