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Olympic athlete Michael Phelps hated his coach in the pool

Olympic athlete Michael Phelps hated his coach in the pool. 

Michael Phelps earned a collection of 28 Olympic medals while a part of the United States Olympic Team. As a result, the man has been dubbed the most successful athlete of all time.

In a recent video posted via YouTube, Phelps talked about the ups and downs that the swimmer had to endure. 

However, he claimed that they are inevitable since you are spending all day with a person.

“There were times that I was angry at my coach. There were times where we fought, or we had disputes, and we could not stand the way we were acting.”

Phelps claimed that, despite the distinctions, his coach gave him invaluable lessons. 

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He also said that other coaches would not have been able to challenge his abilities in such away. As a result, he might not be at his best without his guidance.

Whatever the reason that it was, the partnership just did the job. Despite his numerous moments of anger towards the coach Phelps eventually said that everything was in harmony.

“I did things intentionally to make him angry, But that’s a different story. However, it was the way we got along. For instance, he was perfect for me that even if I were to ever swim with anyone else, I would never have the opportunity to experience the things I did because I was challenged by him in different ways that differently to think in a different way.”

Phelps has overcome a few personal struggles for a career as a motivational and father figure. 

The most famous Olympic athlete of all time has found peace and contentment beyond the pool.


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