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Omicron is to be less significant than Delta but is not as severe

Omicron is to be less significant than Delta but is not as severe. 

World Health Organization (WHO) head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Thursday (January 6) stated evidence suggests the Omicron variant is less in severity than the Delta strain. However, it should not be considered a mild variant.’

“Last week, the most amount of COVID-19 cases discovered to date during this pandemic…while Omicron does appear to be less severe than Delta and Delta, particularly in those who have been who have been vaccinated, that isn’t a reason to be classified in the same way as “mild,” Tedros Adhanom declared.

The health body’s director-general announced the announcement at the press conference, adding that those who have been vaccinated will suffer less of the condition than those who are not vaccinated.

Global Vaccination trend

According to WHO that 109 countries may not be able to vaccine at 70 percent of their populations by the end of 2022.

In terms of total global vaccinations are concerned, more than 9.36 billion doses of vaccines have been given to the world, according to Bloomberg’s figures.

Concerns have been raised about the vaccination inequity and health inequity WHO director-general Tedros declared this was one of the “biggest failures of last year.”

“While certain countries have sufficient personal protection equipment, tests, and vaccines to stockpile for the pandemic, Many countries do not have enough resources to meet base needs or targets that no country with a high income would have been content with.

Omicron threat

The WHO director said the Omicron variant also hospitalizes patients and kills people, much like the previous versions.

“The tsunami of cases is so huge and quick that it is overwhelming health systems around the world. 

Hospitals are becoming overcrowded and understaffed, which further results in preventable deaths from not only COVID-19 but other diseases and injuries where patients cannot receive timely care.”

A new coronavirus variant has been discovered.

A novel coronavirus strain, B.1.640.2, also known as an IHU variant, was discovered in France. 

The variant was discovered in a person who had traveled from Cameroon as per the hospital. The traveler has been reported to have contracted the virus in 12 people from Southern France.

COVID-19 numbers around the world

According to WHO, the amount of newly diagnosed COVID cases rose sharply by 71% during the week, compared to the week prior. But, the number of new deaths dropped by 10.

In its regular update to the pandemic, which declared that there were 9.5 million new patients and 41,000 deaths reported between December 27, 2021, until January 2.


The company is believed to have been in the third COVID wave, triggered by Omicron, and reported 90 928 fresh cases.

According to the Union Health Ministry, India has seen a 6.3 increase in cases over the last eight days. 

In addition, there was a significant increase in cases of positive tests, from 0.79 percent as of the 29th day of 2021 December to 5.03 percent on January 5.


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