One dead and 18 labourers missing near India-China border in Arunachal Pradesh

Near the India-China border, in the Kurung Kumey area of Arunachal Pradesh, a laborer died, and 18 others went missing.

The labourers building roads in the Kurung Kumey area of Arunachal Pradesh have been missing for the last 14 days.

All 19 had been missing from the project site since July 5; one labourer’s corpse was discovered in a nearby river.

The corpse of one laborer was discovered in a tiny river called Furak river near Damin circle on Monday, according to Bengia Nighee, Deputy Commissioner of Kurung Kumey district, who spoke with ANI over the phone.

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The Circle officer of Damin and a police squad arrived on the scene this morning. The workers were working on building a road in the Huri neighbourhood, which is part of Damin Circle, according to Bengia Nighee.

Along the China-India border is where the Damin Circle is located.

Most of the missing workers come from the Muslim community, and Nighee speculated that they may have left the construction site on July 5 to celebrate Eid in their hometown.

The Kurung Kumey district’s deputy commissioner said they had learned of the workers’ disappearance from the road project’s contractor.

He said that an investigation had been started. (ANI)