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One of the Most Popular Confidants in Persona 5

One of the Most Popular Confidants in Persona 5: Persona 5 continues the series’ tradition of connecting with characters. Naming these bonds Confidants about the previous two game titles in the Persona games, which referred to them as Social Links, Persona 5 nevertheless has a similar structure. 

Confidants allow players to connect with their group members, the critical adults in their lives. Other characters with significant roles in the story and other world symbols that players may meet. 

As with the previous persona games, Confidants provide additional information on the world and players that might have otherwise kept hidden.

 There are advantages to playing with the inconsistent quality associated with bonds with these characters.

While the majority in People 5‘s Confidants were well-received, The most popular is likely to be Sadayo Kawakami’s. 

The homeroom teacher of the character is one of the few adults who live in Tokyo. Who is believed to be reliable among the Phantom Thieves and, in particular, Joker?

 In her case, it’s evident when she juxtaposes to her eccentric and corrupt colleagues. 

Despite her rational manner, Kawakami is also affected by her surroundings. If Joker assists her in overcoming her problems, the benefits are awe-inspiring.

Kawakami’s Confidant

The character represents the Temperance arcana. Kawakami represents the Temperance arcana. 

Kawakami is an example of a good side character that can bond and play with players.

 Her Confidant starts with Joker, Ryuji, and Mishima calling a private maid. Accidentally hiring their teacher as part of the process.

 The protagonist must speak to Kawakami and her English teacher, Mrs. 

After school, Chono makes it appear that Kawakami is instructing Joker and then phone Kawakami using Leblanc’s phone when his Guts level is at or above 3. 

Apart from the fanservice aspect, this situation also has comedy potential and has already has won fans over. 

Kawakami’s schedule is only one of many Confidants that only take place at night, which gives players the chance to adapt to their schedules and possibly bond with multiple characters simultaneously. 

Kawakami’s Confidant comprises the callout service for cleaning the house. Joker may ask her to do various tasks, from cleaning his bedroom to doing his laundry. 

As the Confidant develops as the character progresses, the player gradually learns about the financial state of Kawakami and the reason she must be a part of a callout maid service.

Kawakami show to have one of the most relatable backstories in the game, causing players to be highly enthused about a character who was among the most less sane characters in the team. 

One of the Most Popular Confidants in Persona 5

At first, she claims that her job is to support her sister, who is sick and requires expensive medical attention; Kawakami eventually reveals that she earns money from her career.

 Before teaching in the Shujin Academy, she tutored one student named Takase due to his condition as an orphan. Who worked three jobs to pay for his expenses was a barrier to him getting high scores. 

After Kawakami confront with resignation for her generosity, she let Takase go. Unfortunately, he died in a car crash following exhaustion from his work and schoolwork caused him to see the car. 

Takase’s parents, who adopted him, blamed Kawakami for the death of their son and threatened to file a lawsuit unless she paid the family back in the “apology.”

As the Confidant continues to rage, his demands grow more outrageous, and Kawakami ends up in the hospital for treatment after becoming exhausted. 

This results in The Phantom Thieves stealing the guardian’s heart. When her Confidant is over, certain events occur regardless of Joker’s decision on his relationship with his professor. 

Kawakami fire from her job part-time, but she’s in the housekeeping business.

The Benefits of Kawakami’s Confidant

The story and truly sad background of Kawakami’s Confidant possible romantic relationship aside from her character is easy to sympathize with. 

This means that players are more likely to support her. Writing is only for the player’s benefit because even though her story admired, Kawakami has one of the most adored Confidants because of how it can improve the quality of life for the player. 

While her visits are initially expensive, they’re entirely free once her Confidant ranks 8.

 She permits the player to take a break and read or use tools during class. In the end, she will be able to make more than just curry. Which can both restore SP and things that can use to infiltrate. 

These items aren’t widespread but are highly beneficial in the dungeons. 

Once her Confidant has at its maximum, she can provide Joker a message when the player has spent time in the Metaverse, which allows players to leave late at night.

In a sport where organizing activities is essential to increase your abilities and the quality of items. Kawakami offers benefits in line with this design philosophy. 

The rewards she offers allow players to relax and complete multiple tasks at once. Make their days more productive without compromising everything. 

Although certain benefits conferred by Confidants don’t have much value apart from specific situations, Kawakami’s benefits apply to the fundamentals game of Persona 5.‘s gameplay, which makes her Confidant essential for those who want to take care of as few obligations as they can.

Persona 5 Royal is now available on PS4.


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