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“Oz Entitled To Throw Him Out”: Shane Warne

On Friday, the former Australian tennis player Shane Warne said that Novak Djokovic has

the right not to receive a COVID jab.

However, Australia can also remove the world’s number one tennis player of the men’s

singles from the nation.

Djokovic has admitted on Wednesday that he conducted an interview in person with the

media and photoshoot in December even though he knew that he had been diagnosed as

COVID-19 positive.

Djokovic, who underwent the official and approved testing on December 16 and also

admitted that he did not receive the news of a PCR test that was positive up until after

attending a tennis match in Belgrade on the 17th of December, where the tennis star

presented awards to children.

In the same days on the same days, the Serbian also conducted a quick antigen test. Both

times were positive.

“Novak is a great tennis player & one of the all-time greats. No doubt. But he’s lied on

entry forms, been out in public when he knew he had covid & is now facing legal cases.

He’s entitled not to be jabbed, but Oz is allowed to throw him out! Agree? #shambles,”

Shane Warne tweeted.

After learning of the positive COVID outcome, Djokovic, on December 18 at his tennis

center in Belgrade, made a ‘long-standing promise for a press conference and photoshoot

with the French daily.

But Djokovic admitted that the interview was a mistake in judgment and admitted that he

shouldn’t have made the engagement.

The tennis star was granted his legal appeal based on legal grounds last Monday,

overturning the initial decision of the border official to terminate his visa.

The ad hoc judge Anthony Kelly of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia quashed

the denial of Djokovic’s visa.

He also confirmed that the 20-time Grand Slam winner Serbian would stay in Australia.

Djokovic was also instructed to be released immediately along with his passport and

“personal effects.”


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