Partha Chatterjee Arrest: Fresh ALLEGATIONS on his '2-DAYS' PhD

Partha Chatterjee got his PhD in eight years. New charges about his PhD have emerged after the ED detained him in the SSC fraud.

Allegations have been made that academics, department directors, and the top administrators of North Bengal University abused the law in several ways to ‘grant’ the former education minister PhD degrees. In actuality, the department head was questioned over the claimed rule violation seven times by the then-registrar.

Partha took the coursework test in 2012. For his Ph.D., he had to wait an additional two years. The University of North Bengal’s then-head of the department of economics, Sanchari Roy Mukhopadhyay, said in writing on April 23, 2012, “48 classroom lectures lasting two hours each made up the coursework. For two days, Partha visited.”

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In such an instance, the issue of how Partha will meet the requirement of his 75% attendance remains. The department chair claimed that economics courses should be allowed 16 hours per week.

Four hours were spent on “class lectures,” while 12 hours were spent at the library. It will endure for a total of 13 weeks. 208 hours in total. 156 hours, or 75%, must be attended. How did Partha “donate time” without attending class is a valid question?

The guideline is that students must attend 75% of their courses in class. If not, everyone will do their schoolwork at home.