Patch notes for Roblox BedWars Season 5 have been published.

Patch notes for Roblox BedWars Season 5 have been published: On June 10th, 2022, Roblox BedWars launch the new Season 5 update! The fifth edition of the Battle Pass is now available in the game, featuring a range of kits, kill effects, lobby gadgets, titles, images, and emotes to acquire via gameplay. The patch notes linked to this article include all the release information.

To discover all of the commands available in BedWars, see our Commands List page! In addition, all of the official patch notes from the Discord can be seen below.

Patch notes for Roblox BedWars Season 5 have been published

Season 5 of Battle Pass is now available!

Bed Wars has finally arrived in the summer with a newly renovated summer-themed lobby. We’ve been delighted to bring you this update, and we’re even more enthusiastic about what we have planned for you this summer.

Season 5 of Battle Pass

You can get access to plenty of limited-edition stuff with the Battle Pass! Additionally, owning the Battle Pass grants a 20% experience boost.

There are four kits, with two more kits on the way.

  • Three different ways to die
  • Three lobby gizmos
  • There are 16 lobby titles available.
  • There are a total of 25 picture emotes.
  • Three different animated emotes
  • The Abyss

This season adds The Void, a new “Out of This World” location. Destroy the monsters in this realm to earn Void Crystals, which may use to purchase new things like void armor, swords, and blocks.

Season 5 of Ranked (RESCHEDULED)

Because we’ll focused on making essential improvements and changes to the existing Ranked system. The Ranked reset has been pushed back until the next release.

Players that complete Season 4 Nightmare before June 17th at 3 p.m. PST will get a particular Victorious Yuzi skin.

Explosions that are both dynamic and unpredictable

Explosions have modified to interact dynamically with the blast resistance of each block. As a result, outbreaks have grown and can now easily burst through weak barriers like wool. 

In addition, the explosion radius will reduce by using more vital blocks such as wood and stone bricks.

Cards for the Game’s MVP

Post-game MVP cards are new this season. Stay after the game to learn who the best players were based on offensive, support, and other stat kinds.

This Week’s Free Kits

  • Archer
  • Lassy
  • Davey
  • Maps have updated.
  • The beach (Doubles, Squads)
  • The reef a term used to describe (Doubles, Squads)
  • Other Modifications
  • A spotlight has placed on diamonds and emeralds.
  • The locker now has a search bar.
  • Mini copter with Vaulted Wings
  • Frying Pan with a Vaulted Ceiling
  • Landmine with a Vaulted Base
  • Launcher for Vaulted Guided Missiles

Check out Roblox BedWars as soon as possible to test out this new update!