Difference between Persona 5 Strikers Bond System and P5’s Confidant system

Persona 5 Strikers Bond System and P5’s Confidant system: Strikers might consider a sequel to HTML5 and Persona 5 Royal, but it still has many differences. 

Combat is the most obvious. It imitates Dynasty Warriors’ hack-and-slash approach to war and pitting the Phantom Thieves in real-time against many enemies.

 Persona5 Strikers thrives in this niche, discovering creative uses for the Phantom Thieves’ Personas and their signature weapons. 

It’s not the only distinction between Strikers & its predecessors. For example, persona5 Strikers uses the Bond system to express social sim elements rather than reusing Confidant.

Persona5 and Royal have longer games than Strikers. Partially because of the Confidant system, where players develop relationships with support characters over extended periods. 

Persona5 Strikers, on the other hand, is played in a single month. Unfortunately, this means that it doesn’t have enough room for an extensive Confidant system. 

P-Studio & Omega Force created the Bond system in which players earn points by spending time together with the Phantom Thieves. 

While the systems may have many fundamental differences, the core of the Confidant system shines through in Persona5 Strikers’ Bond program.

Persona 5 Strikers Bond System and P5’s Confidant system

A Review of Persona 5 Confidants

Confidants in personal 5 are one of the most critical ways players should spend their time. 

There are many NPCs that players can interact with throughout Tokyo. 

The Confidant mechanic works on the principle that Joker should spend his afternoons and evenings with Persona5 characters to get to know them and gain strength. 

Persona5players can rank up Confidants quicker by being polite and giving Confidants gifts.

Players will earn various abilities as they rank up each Confidant. Every member of the Phantom Thieves can be ranked up as a Confidant. 

Many of them also get special abilities that increase their combat effectiveness. Other Confidants like the rogue doctor TaeTakemi, and the ex-yakuza weapon dealer MunehisaIwai offer players a range of bonuses, from discounts on certain items to bonus loot for combat. 

Each Persona5 Confidant may not be equally powerful, but each has its unique niche that makes them stand out.

The Confidant system is essential to Persona5’s storytelling. These social outcasts remind players of what the Phantom Thieves stand for.

 Although it’s an evolution of simpler Social Links, Persona 4, it’s a valuable way to make players care about the world in which they live.

 It was challenging to implement Confidants in Persona5 Strikers because the game’s plot focused on the Phantom Thieves.

 There wasn’t enough time or space for Confidants. Although the Bond system is more straightforward than Confidants, it still represents Persona’s themes.

Persona 5 Strikers Bond System and P5’s Confidant system

Persona 5 Strikers Bond Points and Skills

Persona5 and Persona5 Royal players can earn points towards a Confidant’s next rank. 

However, Persona5 Strikersqualitytime with friends generates a resource called Bond Points. 

These points are not specific to any one relationship but reflect the strength of Joker’s friendships with his friends. 

Players can earn bond Points by completing side quests, completing story beats, defeating enemies in battle, and socializing with Joker’s buddies.

Players can then use Bond Points to purchase Bond Skills. This list contains 30 unlockable abilities and replaces Confidant perks. 

Bond Skills offer the same perks as Confidant perks. In addition, they can provide raw stat bonuses, increased healing, and even faster earning Bond Points.

 Some Bond Skills are not available at the beginning of the game. Instead, players can unlock several skills until they reach specific chapters of Persona5 Strikers, such as defeating the Monarch in a Jail. T

Technically, players can almost always work on a Confidant because of the bond between Bond Points & Bond Skills.

It is not the same thing as Confidant. Every Confidence in Persona five will have a different story as Joker gets to know each one. 

However, Bond Points don’t come with a narrative. However, these skills and points do a great job making the mechanical side work in Persona5 Strikers.

 Joker may not have many friends because he is on a road trip. So it makes sense to build bonds with the Phantom Thieves he travels with.

Persona’s Many Takes on Friendship

Bonds served Persona5 Strikers well, but it does not seem likely that this Persona version’s social sim components will return anytime soon. 

It specifically designed to work with Persona5 Strikers’ story. Unfortunately, this means that it might not look as elegant when applied to another Persona spin-off. 

The developers would have chosen to use it to make miniature Confidants from Strikers if there were a way. 

Bond Skills were an innovation that sprung out of Persona 5 Strikers’ limitations. While its customization-friendly take on social sim powers could inspire future mechanics, the Bond system probably won’t be at the heart of Persona 6.

Confidants will, however, almost certainly get far. Social Links were an excellent tool for the Persona games, but Confidants praised making each protagonist’s friends more meaningful and distinct.

 Persona6 will almost definitely have its very own version of Confidants. Unfortunately, this will mix their abilities and how players approach befriending them. 

Persona5 Strikers will continue to have the Bond system, but it will always be a distinctive feature of Strikers.

Persona5 Strikers is now available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.


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