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Pet Simulator X Christmas Update 2021 Guide

Pet Simulator X Christmas Update: Happy holidays are finally here! The most recent Pet Simulator X Christmas update is now available, and we couldn’t get more thrilled. 

The Christmas update will add many festive Christmas features in Pet Simulator X. 

This guide will go over all the updates and provide additional information about some changes. Let’s take a look!

Pet Simulator X Christmas Update

Pet Simulator X Christmas Update 2 is available!

The Christmas Update brings the holiday spirit to Pet Simulator X. This list lists the significant Pet Simulator X Christmas Update modifications.

Update 1

  • New Christmas World added
  • Festive Map Update
  • 4 New Eggs Four eggs with a limited time were added to the collection.
    • Jolly Egg
    • Gingerbread Egg
    • Christmas Tree Egg
    • Egg of many gifts
  • New Currency for Gingerbread
  • 23 New Pets – including three Mythicals brand new, as well as three exclusive pets
  • Santa Paws Gifts Santa Paws Gifts A random present that is given to players
  • Gingerbread Chest – Harvest for Gingerbread, Spawns every 15-30 Minutes
  • Christmas Loot bags

There are regular changes to the game in addition:

  • The Unequip button was added to the All Button
  • Add to the Pet Icon Loading Animation
  • Coin Selection Bug fixed
  • Boost Calculations Refined

Update 2

  • Christmas Event Quests are Available Now!
  • Eight new hoverboards Launched
  • Super Magnet Gamepass is Released for 400 Robux
  • Redesigned Menu Bar
  • Candy Canes added to the Map
    • Make Candies to earn Gingerbread. Canes to get Gingerbread
  • For a limited time only, INSANE Christmas Eggs Added at 800 Robux

The main changes are:

  • Double Gingerbread Buff
  • The update also includes SFX to boosts, etc.
  • Health Scaling is now available for Gingerbread Chests, Diamond Presents, and Candy Canes based on their produce.
  • Increase drop rate for Loot bags
  • Tremendous Festive Cat drop rate tripled

Let’s look at how you can enjoy yourself with the latest Christmas Update.

How do you reach the Christmas World?

The journey into this Christmas World couldn’t be easier. Take a trip to Spawn, the main town of the planet, and you will find a massive cannon in the middle of it.

 Utilize the cannon, and it will lead you straight into the Christmas Event world. Then, you can purchase the teleport from Christmas World with 50,000 diamonds.

Christmas Update Egg Reward

The Christmas update comes with four eggs that are brand new. Eggs can be bought using the fresh currency Gingerbread and bring you 23 brand-new pets.

 They are only available for a limited time, So grab the eggs while you can! They’ll become more valuable after the event has ended.

Jolly Egg Regular 20K and gold 180k

Gingerbread Egg Standard 125Kor Gold 1.12m

Christmas Tree Egg – Regular 400k and Gold 3.6m

Eggs of Many Presents Regular 1.25m

How do I find Gingerbread?

It is possible to purchase Gingerbread just like any other currency. There is no requirement to be in any specific place to receive Gingerbread. 

Every coin or chest, crate, and safes around the globe will provide you with Gingerbread.

 In addition to the usual ways, you can obtain Gingerbread through Santa Paws Gifts.

These are random drops that mean all you need to do is play, and you’ll get the treats now and then.

There are even giant Gingerbread Chests that appear every 15-30 minutes. Keep an eye out for them while playing. 

The new festive loot bags will also bring you Gingerbread.

But, of course, the quickest method to obtain Gingerbread is to visit the top-level zone with a massive chest and then farm it. 

You can get the New Christmas Egg pets as soon after you’ve got the Gingerbread as they are limited-time eggs and may be more potent than the pets currently.

How do you get a free Hoverboard?

The second Pet Simulator X Christmas update included eight new hoverboards. 

One of them is available to buy now without any Robux. Here’s a listing of all the hoverboards available and the items you’ll need to purchase the best one.

  • Blue Flying Carpet Top 10 on the Global Leaderboard
  • Flame Hoverboard Join a BIG Games Partner
  • Sleigh Hoverboard – Complete the 2021 Christmas Event
  • Red Flying Carpet Top 100 in the Global Leaderboard
  • Cat Hoverboard – Meow
  • The original Hoverboard – Have the Hoverboard Gamepass
  • Rainbow Hoverboard – Redeem a merch coupon
  • Bling Hoverboard – – Spend more than 100k Robux

The Hoverboard we are offering for free can be found in Sleigh Hoverboard, which we can obtain by doing the 2021 Christmas event quests. 

Visit Christmas World and start doing your quests on the massive Sleigh.

It’s official! Pet Simulator X Christmas update has been completed with the brand’s latest Pet Simulator X codes. Visit the codes section to look them up!


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