Pick Up & Throw Snowballs In GTA 5 Online

Pick Up & Throw Snowballs In GTA 5 Online: It’s wintertime on GTA 5 Online, and what’s more enjoyable than scooping up a snowball to throw it towards another person? 

This guide will help you make snowballs within GTA 5 Online so that you can genuinely have fun in winter, even if it’s virtual.

How to Pick up and Throw Snowballs in GTA 5 Online (2021 Winter Update)

Based on your platform, there are various methods to grab the snow and throw it on GTA 5 for a snowball fight. 

Because it’s a seasonal-specific, time-limited item, you can throw and collect snowballs during a limited time.

  • In the beginning, ensure that your gaming is in Winter/Christmas season. Update it if you’re not yet in the game.
  • Then, unequip any weapon that you may have in your hands. It is essential to be entirely unarmed to accomplish this.
  • Enter the area in which there’s lots of snow.
  • Computer users Click”Q” on the keyboard.
  • Xbox and PlayStation (PS) gamers Left-click on the D-pad.
  • This can result in the character bending to grab the snowball.
  • Repeat this process three times until you get nine snowballs.
  • To throw the ball in the snowball, you must think that it’s a weapon on its own. It operates similarly. Pick the snowball from the weapon wheel, then aim and shoot it.
  • To your goal.

It’s GTA at the end of the day, so throwing snow at other players can have consequences. 

For example, should you aim it towards NPCs and be unconscious, or even be killed! 

If you’re looking to engage in some snowball fights with the intent to kill, make sure you have at minimum nine snowballs on hand.

This is all you have to learn about the best way you can find, grab and throw snowballs into GTA Online

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