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PM Modi Security Breach: BJP Workers Shouting Slogans.

PM Modi Security Breach: Just days after a severe security breach left Prime Minister Narendra Modi for over 20 minutes on the Punjab highway,

the video has surfaced, showing several BJP employees standing just a couple of meters away from Modi’s vehicle.

This video captures the group, wearing the BJP banner and screaming “BJP Zindabad,” standing next to the prime minister’s car,

which is a white Toyota Fortuner,

on the other side of the road.

The car then speeds away, and members of the high-end Special Protection Group (SPG) personnel are standing in the front of it.

Prime PM Modi is in Punjab for a ceremony on Wednesday. He dedicated projects of $42,000 crore to the people.

He arrived in Bathinda early in the morning, where he traveled to Ferozepur, India, for an assembly.

The weather turned terrible, forcing an adjustment in the plan, and PM Modi determined to cover the 100km distance via the road, which took two hours.

A mere 10km away from the venue.

His convoy was confront by protesting farmers who kept the convoy with the Prime Minister waiting at the bridge for twenty minutes.

Then they were force to leave, and the PM was report to have told the airport staff to “thank their Chief Minister” for making it on the way to the airport.

The BJP workers heading to the same rally were trapped because the traffic was shut down.

They realized that the PM’s vehicle was on the road, they tried to get close to his car.

The Supreme Court directed the Registrar General of the Punjab and Haryana High Court to immediately

get the records related to security arrangements for Prime Premier Narendra Modi’s latest Punjab visit from the state’s government, its police force, and central agencies.

An apex court headed by Chief Justice N V Ramana also asked the counsel for Punjab as well as the central government to request the committees created by them to investigate the shortcomings in the presence of the Prime Minister to keep their hands until Monday, which is when it will take up the case next.

The Supreme Court heard the appeal of an organization, Lawyer’s Voice’ seeking a thorough inquiry into the breach of Modi’s security at the Prime Minister’s residence in Punjab and making sure there’s any similar incident shortly.


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