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PM Narendra Modi will chair a meeting with chief ministers

With the unprecedented increase in COVID-19 cases that have occurred since the

appearance from an Omicron variation in the country, Prime Secretary Narendra Modi, on

the 13th of January (January 13, 2022), will meet with Chief Ministers from the states of all

through video-conferencing regarding how to deal with the COVID situation.

It is also the first gathering with the PM and the Chief Ministers from every state this year.

In the past, PM Modi had many sessions with Chief Ministers to talk about the COVID


PM Modi was also the chairperson of an examination of the COVID-19 situation within the

country on the 9th of January.

The review meeting was held on January 9. PM Modi had stressed the necessity of having

sufficient healthcare infrastructures at the district level and instructed officials to keep in

touch regarding the state-level concerns.

At the time of the meeting in the review meeting, PM Modi stated that a meeting of Chief

Ministers would be held to discuss specific state scenarios and best practices for the

response of public health.

On Wednesday morning, VK Paul, an NITI Aayog board member, and NITI Aayog member,

also warned that the virus that causes the Omicron coronavirus type is not considered to

be common cold and that people shouldn’t take it lightly.

“Omicron is replacing Delta variant of COVID-19 as it is highly transmissible.

Therefore, it should be considered as the common cold. Usually, the transmission or

expansion of the pandemic would take longer, but it has been positive.

Still, this is because of the high transmissibility,” said he stated during the Health Ministry

media briefing.

In announcing a dramatic increase in coronavirus cases throughout India, Lav Agarwal,

Joint Secretary of the Union Health Ministry, declared, “A sharp surge in COVID cases is

reported in India with active cases today at 9,55,319.

States of concern that Emerging states of concern number of COVID cases) include

Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, and


“Emerging states of concerns reporting high positive rates- Maharashtra with a rate

positivity rate of 22.39 percent, West Bengal 32.18 percent, Delhi 23.1 percent, and Uttar

Pradesh 4.47 percent,” He added.

In the meantime, India has been witnessing an unprecedented increase in COVID-19 cases

over the last few days.

In the Union Health Ministry report, India recorded 1,94,720 new cases of COVID-19 and

442 deaths on Wednesday. The average daily positive rate for this virus in India is 11.05

percent. Active issues comprise 2.65 percent of total cases.

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