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Pokemon GO Could Be Adding Ads

Pokemon GO Could Be Adding Ads: Datamined information about the next Pokemon upgrade revealed that new advertisements could be included in the game.

 While advertisements were already present included in Pokemon Go, these new ads could result in annoying pop-ups that clog users their screens.

The leak, which came via the Pokeminers’ Twitter account Pokeminers has released the ads and added new assets included in Pokemon GO.

 As per the Twitter post, ads are all Google Admob pop-ups. These are the standard pop-up advertisements that you see in many mobile games. 

If similar to other games, it will display on players’ screens frequently and at random.

The responses of Twitter users varied on the topic of ads that were intrusive in Pokemon Go. The comments section in the Tweet of the Pokeminers quickly flooded by users voicing their opinions and expressing their frustrations.

 Most users express their displeasure that the game well-monetize and didn’t need any additional advertisements. 

Others said they’d uninstall or stop playing when advertisements introduce into the game. 

A few players were concerned that these assets could lead to the introduction of video ads or subscription-based products. 

Some users wondered what the impact of these ads could be, and we’re hoping that these ads would provide some benefits that the Pokemon Go game that players could not be ignored.

Before this, players had a lot of satisfaction with how Pokemon Go handled ads. 

Most in-game ads included cosmetics to players, including brand-name clothes and sponsored Poke-Stops and advertisements. 

Pokemon GO Could Be Adding Ads

The main difference between these ads and the leaks of ads is that the advertisements currently on the game’s screen are not annoying and when it comes to the Poke-Stops and the ad balloons reward for players who interact with the ads.

Suppose these advertisements are anything like previous advertisements for games when included. 

In that case, they’ll make playing or fighting with other players in the Pokemon Go game a significantly more difficult playing experience and decrease the level of immersion for the players. 

Imagine a player strolling through their neighborhood park looking to take a Pokemon. Then click a pop-up for an entirely different game instead of throwing the Pokeball. 

Games that have these advertisements are likely to weave them into as much fun as they can, and should they add. There will likely be ads at the start of the game, during fights, and in the game’s menus.

But, it determine data, and there’s a possibility that this advertisement will not include in the game.

 It’s possible that the information is incorrect, which could suggest that players’ anger is not justified. 

If the advertisements were to appear, and they added later, there is a possibility that Niantic.

 The creator of Pokemon GO will rethink their decision if enough users protest; however, there is no way to tell which future direction this future direction of Pokemon GO will be steered in.

Pokemon Go is available for mobile devices.


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