Pokemon GO Gets Power-Up PokeStops with Location Scanning Features

Pokemon GO Gets Power-Up PokeStops: Niantic is introducing the new Powered-Up PokeStop for Pokemon GO by taking advantage of the phone’s AR scanning capabilities.

Five years from its initial release, Pokemon GO continues to go strong as a top-rated mobile game. One of the reasons for Pokemon Go‘s popularity is its constant flow of events that are constantly updated and its willingness to introduce new features. 

These features prevent the comparatively basic gameplay from becoming boring or repetitive. The game is now available for purchase. In addition, Niantic has added a brand new feature called Powered-Up, which uses AR scanning technology.

PokeStops are actual places that offer players Poke balls, berries, and other rewards when they are approached and activated. While the system has been modified through the years, it’s an essential element of Pokemon Go‘s gameplay. 

Its brand new Powered-Up PokeStop feature appears likely to make PokeStops more vital while also changing how users engage with them.

The new feature will permit players to turn on PokeStops by locating them in the real world. 

It’s similar to the way that PokeStops is typically activated. Still, instead of pressing the PokeStop icon and then moving on to the next one, the powered-up PokeStop feature will allow players of levels 20 and above to increase the benefits of the PokeStop

By making one AR image of the actual area that the PokeStop is situated, the players will have an opportunity to increase the rewards that the PokeStop provides.

Suppose there is any confusion Niantic has posted an explanation of how players can finish their AR scan of a PokeStop. First, click “Scan the PokeStop.” After that, users will be asked to subscribe to the feature if it is the first time they’ve used it. 

Following that, users must tap the recording button on their smartphones to start scanning and then slowly move through the object that the PokeStop is connected to if they can. 

The thing should remain within the frame all the duration of the scan. Then, they click Upload Now or Later to finish the scan and turn on the PokeStop.

In addition to the fact that Powered-Up PokeStops appear differently on the map, every player who plays one of them will be rewarded with extra prizes and not just those who contributed to its powering. 

The three different levels to a Power-Up PokeStop require a certain amount of players to finish An AR-based scan of the PokeStop that is in question.

 Level One requires five players to scan the PokeStop, Level Two requires ten scans, and Level Three requires 25 scans. The higher the level that the PokeStop is powered too, the more time the effects last.


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