Holiday Event Featuring Dragonite

Holiday Event Featuring Dragonite: Pokemon Unite announces a holiday event, which will feature new maps with costumes, Christmas skins, stickers, and the debut of Dragonite as a playable character.

The official Pokemon Unite YouTube channel released an exciting trailer that showcases the coming holiday event, which will start on December 15. The event will focus on the Christmas season and include new features, such as cosmetics and even the map infused with holiday cheer.

Alongside the festive-themed merchandise and games, the game will introduce a brand new Pokemon joining the game’s roster.
Pokemon Unleashed’s announcement reveals an updated look for Remote Stadium.

Remote Stadium, covering it with ice and snow statues. In addition, the central area’s wild Pokemon will be replaced by the famous Ice-type Pokemon Articuno. Finally, the lobby for players will be changed to match the theme, which includes an ornamental Christmas tree and other decorations in the background.

The designs will only be accessible during the event. So, players wanting to enjoy the holidays might be tempted to take some photos during their journey! In addition, a few stickers will be made available to players who wish to customize their Trainer Card to reflect the time of year.

Players can buy Christmas-themed outfits as well as skins. The player’s avatar has several options, including different costumes like the Santa Claus costume.

Pokemon will also receive new skins to match the time of year. However, there’s no information about whether the skins are only available for sale or whether players will buy them using the reward system for the event.

Also, it’s not sure if every Pokemon in the roster will be sporting their own Christmas skins or if they’re just the most popular Pokemon featured in the movie trailer.

Additionally, the event will also include the introduction of Dragonite. Dragonite, the Gen 1 Dragon Pokemon, will join the event, and participants can save to purchase the license if the event fails to offer it as a free character.

It’s evident in the video that this Pokemon’s movement set contains well-known moves like Dragon Breath, Dragon Rush, and Dragon Rush.

It also includes Draco Meteor as its Unite ability. However, users must watch the official trailer to find out more about the unit, as all information can only be found in the trailer.