Police chase ends with a wrecked car in a garage

Police chase ends with a wrecked car in a garage.

CARLISLE – Linda Bartholomew said she was watching television Saturday night when a car passed through her property and landed in her backyard. “I heard a horrible [noise]she said. “It sounded like a car accident or an explosion or something.”

According to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, officers “initiated a traffic stop against a person known to have an outstanding warrant.” When the driver accelerated, a police chase ensued. The driver “sustained a self-inflicted gunshot wound” before driving through Bartholomew’s garage.

“It went through our 14-by-16-foot door and then collided with an ATV that we have inside and destroyed it and [then] it went through the back wall and landed in the backyard, ”he said.

Police have not released the condition or identity of the driver, but said: “immediate steps were taken to save his life and that the emergency medical service took the person to a local hospital.”

“It’s a terrible thing to happen,” Bartholomew said. “I feel sorry for him and his family. He paid the maximum price for what was wrong.”