Police rescued 2 dead bodies from Salt Lake elite housing

Police rescued 2 dead bodies from Salt Lake elite housing.

A deadly incident happens in Salt Lake’s Nayapatti area. Police rescued 2 dead bodies from a flat of a local elite residence on Wednesday evening. Among the dead were a man and a woman. And the whole area was in an uproar over this incident.

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Therefore, police identified the bodies as Debashis Mukherjee and Subhadipta Guha Biswas. Both are IT, professionals by profession. As per the police, their home is in Kochbihar district in North Bengal.

However, the neighbors said that they came to Kolkata from Chennai for work. They were also planning to return to Chennai this month. The residence caretaker saw Debashis outside the flat for the last time at around 7 in the morning.

Meanwhile, the caretaker came to call in the evening due to a need. He said to the police that the AC was running in the house.

Even after reaching more than once, he informed the police about the incident.

After that, the police of Bidhannagar ACPS police station came to the spot. Police break the door and found both of them dead.

Police reported that the Subhadipta’s dead body was lying on the ground. On the other hand, Debashis’s body was hanging from the ceiling. Therefore, police recovered both the bodies after 7 p.m.

Initially, the police suspected that the man had committed suicide by suffocating Subhadipta Devi. The bodies of the two have been sent for autopsy.

Interestingly, they also found a suicide note inside the flat. It says, “Economic woes are becoming unbearable.” However, the police have started an investigation to know the secret behind this death.

Later, one police officer said they would come to know the exact cause of death when the autopsy report comes. Sources said that forensic officers have already collected samples from the spot.