Rahul Gandhi slams govt for COVID-19 Slow vaccinations

Rahul Gandhi slams govt for COVID-19 Slow vaccinations.

Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday questioned the timing of COVID-19 vaccination, saying that if the country’s “Mann ki Baat” had been understood, that would not have been the state.

His comments came just before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Mann ki Baat” speech to the people of the country.

“If they had understood the ‘Mann ki Baat’ of the country, such would not have been the state of vaccines,” Gandhi said in a Hindi tweet.

He used the hashtag “WhereAreVaccines” to question the government about the vaccination rate.

The former president of Congress also shared a video highlighting the alleged slow vaccination rate and media reports where people were not getting vaccinations across the country.

The video highlighted India’s vaccination equation that aims to stop the third wave of coronavirus and the goal of vaccinating 60 percent of the population with both doses by December 2021.

The graph highlighted that the required vaccination rate (vaccinations per day) is 9.3 million per day (93 lakh) and the actual rate in the last seven days (average vaccinations per day) is 3.6 million per day, with a daily deficit. in the last seven days is 5.6 million per day.

He also highlighted the actual vaccinations on July 24 (vaccinations in the previous 24 hours) at 2.3 million per day with a deficit today of 6.9 million per day.



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