To stop Zee News and one of its anchors from releasing a video clip of Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in Kerala with a “distorted and malicious interpretation,” Congress has filed a complaint with the News Broadcasting and Digital Standards Authority.

Congress communication director Pawan Khera brought up the “illegal, unethical, and malicious” broadcast by Zee News and its anchor Rohit Ranjan during their program named “DNA” that was broadcast on July 1 in a letter to the Authority chairman.

According to Mr. Khera, “the in question news broadcast by Zee News had sought to falsely and maliciously suggest that former INC President Rahul Gandhi demonstrated sympathy for the killers of Kanhaiya Lal (a tailor killed in Udaipur) by calling them “children” and saying (they) had acted irresponsibly.

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The Congress leader emphasized that these remarks were made about the demolition of the Congress office in Wayanad and had nothing to do with the terrible murder of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur.

It should be highlighted that the clip’s skewed and spiteful interpretation was chosen solely by Zee and its presenter. He claimed in the letter dated July 4 that no other news organization, channel, or publication committed the same error.

According to Mr. Khera, the contested news program was only taken down due to multiple objections made by the party and the general public highlighting the “distortion and untruth” of the broadcast.

The requirements of (1) the Cable Television Network Regulation Act, 1995; (2) the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994; and (3) the Code of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards, he said, “have, however, been obviously and openly breached by the news channel and the broadcast.”

Mr. Khera demanded that the news station and the anchor be subject to immediate and adequate punishment.