Rains destroy an archaeological site in flood-stricken Pakistan

Rains destroy an archaeological site in flood-stricken Pakistan: The rains are now threatening a famous archeological site going back 4,500 years in flood-stricken Pakistan. There an exceptionally deadly monsoon season has killed hundreds of people, the site’s primary administrator warned on Tuesday.

Mohenjo-Daro’s ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in southern Sindh Province close to the Indus River. They are among South Asia’s best-preserved urban centers.

They find in 1922, and the loss of its civilization coexisted with Mesopotamia’s and ancient Egypt’s remains a mystery to this day.

A large river in this region of the globe, the Indus, has swollen due to severe rains. Which have caused widespread flooding and damage throughout much of Pakistan.

Many scientists attribute the abnormally high monsoon rains to climate change. They are to blame for the 1,343 fatalities and millions of dwellings lost to the rushing floods.

Although Mohenjo Daro has not directly affected by water. The ancient city’s remains have harmed by the record-breaking rainfall, according to Ahsan Abbasi, the site’s curator.

The Associated Press informed by Abbasi that “a number of large walls, which constructed approximately 5,000 years ago, had crumbled due of the monsoon rains.”

Bangladesh floods On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, a Pakistani man strolls through the Mohenjo Daro Ruins. A UNESCO World Heritage site damaged by persistent rain. (AP/PTI)

He said that numerous construction workers working under the direction of archaeologists had begun the repairs. However, Abbasi failed to assess the cost of the Mohenjo Daro devastation.

The famous “Buddhist stupa” at the location, a large hemispherical building used for prayer, meditation, and burial, is still standing, according to Abbasi.

However, the deluge has destroyed several of the exterior walls and some of the more enormous walls dividing the many rooms or chambers.

According to Abbasi, Mohenjo Daro’s civilization, also known as the “Mound of the Dead” in the local Sindhi language. It had a sophisticated drainage system that was essential in preventing floods in the past.

Despite the floods affecting the whole country of Pakistan, the Sindh province was among the most impacted.