Reaching 20 million players is Fall Guys.

Reaching 20 million players is Fall Guys: The battle royale games Fortnite, Apex Legends, or Call of Duty Warzone may come to mind for many gamers. But Fall Guys have built a considerable following since its introduction in 2020.

Even before the game had recently become free-to-play, finding someone who hadn’t attempted the platforming variety of obstacles was challenging.

As it turns out, this choice seems to have given the game—which surpassed 20 million players—even more positive momentum.

Many males and females have embraced fall men.

With the ‘Free For All!’ effort putting the game back into the spotlight. This milestone comes only 48 hours after the game became free on numerous platforms.

The Mediatonic team utilized the official Fall Guys account to tweet about the accomplishment: “We achieved an astonishing 20 million gamers in the first 48 hours of Free For All! My beans, see you this weekend.

Reaching 20 million players is Fall Guys

The tweet concluded with a heartfelt “thank you to everyone who has tripped,” expressing gratitude for everyone who persisted despite failing to pass any of the game’s absurd tasks.

Fall Guys’ recent transition to free-to-play has also seen some server difficulties. That have made it harder for players to locate sessions. As a result, things haven’t been smooth sailing for Fall Guys.

Despite continued efforts to address these issues via several updates. Some players continue to experience arbitrary game terminations that need them to re-join to continue playing.

Similar problems with the game’s debut on PlayStation 4 and Steam in 2020 detail by Eurogamer. The servers were overloaded by the number of potential players trying to play it.

The latter is no longer a concern thanks to Fall Guys’ transfer to the Epic Games Store for PC. Which isn’t all that unexpected considering that Epic Games acquired Mediatonic’s developer in March 2021.

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