Regular exercise

Regular exercise lowers the chance of dying from pneumonia Research:

The advantages of exercising regularly are well-known and may reduce diseases’ chance, duration, or severity.

According to new Research, those who exercise regularly are at an increased risk of developing pneumonia and even being victims of it. The study was published in the journal ‘GeroScience Journal.’ 

The benefits of exercising regularly are well-known and may reduce the chance, duration, or severity of diseases. For example, Research has indicated that regular exercise may positively reduce developing pneumonia. However, studies have provided mixed results, with some presenting a connection, while others show no evidence.

 Researchers analyzed the studies published to examine the connection between regular exercise and the possibility of developing pneumonia. 

The research questions they sought to address included:

  • Does there exist a connection between regular physical exercise and the risk of developing pneumonia?
  • In an organization, What is the nature and strength of that association?
  • When there’s an affiliation, is it stronger or weaker within specific categories of people?

The study showed that people who regularly exercised had a lower chance of getting pneumonia or dying from it than those who were less or were not physically active. 

The association was evident in cases of pneumonia that didn’t result in death and for those that resulted in death. 

The results were not affected by certain factors that may influence the development of pneumonia, including gender, age, body mass index, the socioeconomic status of the person smoking, alcohol consumption, and any pre-existing health conditions. 

The degree of association did not differ in sex or age.

The study was conducted by Dr. Setor Kunutsor, Senior Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis at Bristol Medical School.

 Bristol Medical School: Translational Health Sciences (THS) and the co-author of the study, said: “In this first-ever pooled analysis of all studies conducted on the topic, we found strong and convincing evidence of a relationship between regular exercise and reduction in a person’s risk of developing pneumonia as well as death from the disease.”

“Though our study could not determine the amount and intensity of physical activity, which is essential to prevent pneumonia, some of the results suggest that walking for 30 minutes once a week has a protective effect on death due to pneumonia,” said the doctor.

“During the winter months and with COVID-19 still circulating, developing severe pneumonia from COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases is a common occurrence. 

Taking regular physical activity could reduce the risk of respiratory dis, eases such as COVID-19 especially in at-risk groups like older adults and those with underlying health conditions,” said the doctor.

The Research could not prove causality and effects, and more studies are required to determine whether the correlations were causal. Additionally, further Research should be done to establish the intensity and amount of physical activity crucial to prevent the spread of death from pneumonia or related deaths due to pneumonia.

 Additionally, because the participant reported the usual exercise, the results could be distorted, so future Research should focus on accurately assessing physical activity using accelerometers and pedometers.

Pneumonia can be described as an illness of lung tissue usually caused by viruses or bacteria and is the most frequent cause of death for older adults, young, and those with previous health problems. 

In 2016, pneumonia was the fourth most frequent cause of death worldwide. Pneumonia is also linked to low health, lower quality of life, and the high cost of healthcare. 

Drinking heavily, smoking and respiratory diseases like asthma, and chronic illnesses like kidney and diabetes are all well-known as a risk factors for contracting pneumonia and are a cause that can be prevented—the death of a person and disability.

The study’s findings add to the already established evidence that regular physical exercise could reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, including infectious diseases like pneumonia, and the possibility of dying. In addition, physical activity has enormous positive effects on health overall and reduces health costs resulting from existing health issues.