How Do You Resolve an Elden Ring Connection Error?

 Resolve an Elden Ring Connection Error: Elden Ring is a game that keeps your full attention virtually all the time. You can’t distract by anything, or you’ll end up with something sharp stabbed in a place you don’t want it.

Unfortunately, few things are more distracting than connection problems, and we can’t afford to have them. So, how do you solve Elden Ring’s “a connection issue occurred”?

How Do You Resolve an Elden Ring Connection Error?

You may get a system notification that states, “A connection issue occurred” when playing Elden Ring, especially while trying to enter/invade another player’s planet. For example, “I’m coming back to your planet.”

You’ll be sent back into your world soon after that. While Elden Ring is a game that may play alone, it can be not very pleasant when attempting to play with others.

Here are a few approaches we may take to address this issue:

  • First, reset the summoning system in-game.
  • Investigate the internet.
  • Modify your multiplayer options.
  • Configure your computer to run as an administrator.
  • Check the status of the server.
  • The Summoning System should be reset.

Try to solve the issue using in-game solutions before moving on to anything more intrusive. Use the item Furcalling Finger Remedy in particular.

Local summoning sigils are exposed in-game when you use this item, but if you use it again, those summoning sigils are deactivated. Disable the sigils with a Furcalling Finger Remedy, then reenable them with another.

Hopefully, the sigils that appear have more consistent links.

Investigate the Internet.

There might be a problem with your internet connection if you’re experiencing latency or session dropouts frequently. Try unplugging and rejoining your computer/console from your wireless network or power cycling your router to refresh everything.

If possible, utilize a connected internet connection rather than wi-fi if you have the possibility. Complex relationships are more reliable and less likely to fail.

Modify your Multiplayer Options

Some Elden Ring players have noted that adjusting their multiplayer settings in particular ways improved their games’ online playability. It’s unclear why this works, but it doesn’t have to make logic function.

To begin, turn off cross-platform multiplayer in the game’s multiplayer options. Then, if you and your host are using the same computer, you should be able to keep things stable.

Second, try turning off voice chat in-game. Then, with fewer items to worry about, the game can devote more resources to maintaining the connection.

Third, try encrypting your connection using a password. If you have an open session, you may have an influx of players wanting to join simultaneously, causing the link to be throttled.

Set Admin Permissions

If you’re using a PC to play Elden Ring, your firewall may be interfering with the game’s online functionality. You may fix this by giving the game and its anti-cheat tool administrator rights.

In your Steam folder, look for the game’s EXE file and the EasyAntiCheat EXE in your general program files.

Right-click on the file, choose properties, and check “Run this application as an administrator” under the compatibility tab. This ensures that these apps have top-level rights, preventing your security software from interfering.

Check the Status of the Server

Elden Ring is a big game, implying that many individuals are playing it at any one moment. Therefore, the servers may be having problems if there are a lot of difficulties going on at the same time.

Follow the official Elden Ring Twitter account for updates on anticipated server disruptions impacting the game. Unfortunately, it may have to wait until the issue resolve.

You may file a support ticket on Bandai Namco’s official Elden Ring help site if you’re still experiencing issues. Give them the specifics of your case and what you’ve previously done, and they’ll suggest what you should do next.