Resolve the Pokémon Go problem

Resolve the Pokémon Go problem “Incense Not Working”: In Pokémon Go, Incense is a costly commodity, particularly for players who live in locations where few Pokémon emerge. Therefore, you will temporarily have a considerably increased spawn rate in your radius after lighting an incense.

Some Pokémon won’t emerge without using Incense in certain rare circumstances. Here’s how to repair Incense if you’re using one and think it’s not functioning correctly.

Resolve the Pokémon Go problem “Incense Not Working”

Move around

Move around is our first piece of advice for getting your Incense to create additional Pokémon. Niantic modified Incense’s functioning to help players who move about the game rather than seat in one place.

A Pokémon will sprout from the Incense once every five minutes if you are standing still. However, if you are moving, one will produce every 30 seconds.

This vast nerf will have a significant effect if you play at home or if your mobility constrain.

In light of this, we strongly advise Pokéstop Lures over Incenses if you wish to capture Pokémon in one place for an extended period. That needs you to be at a specific location.

Verify your clock settings.

Your device’s time may be a factor if you are sure that a bug rather than game upgrades cause your Incense issues.

Open Settings on Android and look for Date and Time, or go to General Management and look for the area. To ensure that your network keeps you in the proper location, ensure that Automatic Dates and Times are set.

On iOS, do the same thing: open Settings and choose General. Make sure Set Automatically is turned on when Date & Time is opened.

Use of it while burning a Daily Adventure Incense not advise.

Your ordinary Incense won’t burn during the 15 minutes that your Daily Adventure incense is active when you add it, and the opposite is true. In addition, they supply different Pokémon that you may find but are mutually exclusive.