Who is the Richest noob in Free Fire?

Is Lokesh Gamer the Richest noob in Free Fire? Perhaps, you are looking for the same answer as many others. If so, then you have come to the correct webpage.

In this article, will discuss the Free Fire richest noob, FF ID, Networth, and his details on the game. First, let’s find who is the biggest noob in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire is a wildly popular battle royale game. It had significant growth in the last few years. Generally, Free Fire is similar to PUBG MobileFortnite, and Call of Duty Mobile.

However, the game is setting new heights every day. Its popularity and revenues are reaching extremes. Besides, Free Fire offers a vast gaming experience for all players. 

It is why it is so popular. The game has reached the milestone of 1 billion downloads in Google Play. Google Play store and completed its fourth anniversary in the last few days. 

Additionally, it has gained massive popularity with the general players. Also, the game attracted the creators who create content to the severe social media.

Richest Noob in Free Fire in India

Richest Noob in Free Fire in India

But, the question is, who is the Richest noob in Free Fire in 2021? Lokesh Gamer is the Free Fire richest noob. So, let’s find out more about him. 

Free Fire has steadily climbed to the top of the battle royale in recent years. The game has developed players from all around the world.

Usually, Free Fire has unique qualities that help it be different from other BR games. One of them is the unique characters and have a variety of capabilities. In the current game, there are 35 characters.

Naturally, various content creators have jumped into the game to provide information for their viewers. Streaming the gameplay on YouTube is one of the most well-known forms of video content. 

Moreover, Free Fire has seen enormous growth in its player base and revenues. After that, content and streaming associated with the game have reached new levels.

Lokesh Gamer

Lokesh Gamer is one of the most prominent names of the Free Fire Circle in India. He is among India’s most well-known free-fire makers, with over 10.3 million users.

Besides, Lokesh Gamer created a YouTube Channel on the 16th of November, 2017. So the channel has a total view count of 1,007,361,677 and 13.8M subscribers. Also, he created a second YouTube channel named LR7 GAMING.

Looking for the Lokesh gamer ID in Free FireLokesh Gamer’s Free Fire ID: 220528068. Lokesh Gamer phone number is 8121768956.

Game Stats

lokesh gamer free fire uid

Squad Mode

  • Team HIND (Leader)
  • Lifetime – Played 3379 games in the team mode
  • Total Wins from 718 games played in Squad Mode
  • win-rate of more than 36.34 percent
  • Kills 6 269
  • K/D 2.36 2.36

Solo Mode

  • Lifetime – Played in 1287 matches as a solo mode
  • Total Wins from the 133 Solo Matches played
  • win-rates – more significant than 38.69 percent
  • Kills 2657
  • K/D 2.32 2.32

Duo Mode

  • Lifetime – Played for 1529 matches in Duo mode
  • Total Wins from the 152 games played in Duo Mode
  • win-rate of more than 28.16 percent
  • Kills 2583
  • K/D 1.88 1.88

According to statistics, the famous player called Lokesh has stayed at the top of the BR competition in India. According to Gizbot, the stats show that he has a winning percentage of 21 percent for Free Fire. 

Moreover, it has helped him gain more than 6.87 million viewers on the Youtube channel. He joined the platform in 2017 and witnessed such a dramatic change in his career. 

King of Free Fire

Many people are searching for who is the king of Free Fire. Finally, a streaming artist confirms that Lokesh gamer is the king of Free Fire in India

Of course, there is no doubt that he is the leader in Free Fire. Lokesh Rahul’s game stats, KD, net worth, popularity prove him as India’s richest noob player in Free Fire.

Lokesh Rahul Net Worth

Lokesh Rahul Net Worth

In addition, gamers have also been looking for Lokesh Gamer’s monthly income. According to social blade’s official site, Lokesh Gamer earns between $14.4K between $14.4K and $230.8K through his YouTube channel. 

Beyond that, there are plenty of different ways a streaming channel can make money from this business. For example, many sources claim that Lokesh Gamer monthly income is 10 times bigger than any Govt. employee.

Lokesh Gamer Girlfriend

Unfortunately, Lokesh Gamer did not marry yet. According to the sources, his girlfriend’s name is Nikkita. Also, both of them are committed to marrying soon.

Frequently Asked Question about the Richest noob in Free Fire:

Q. Who is the Richest noob in Free Fire?

A. The famous Youtube streamer Lokesh Gamer is the Free Fire richest noob.

Q. What is the Lokesh gamer ID in Free Fire?

A. Lokesh Gamer Free Fire ID is 220528068.

Q. Who is Lokesh Gamer’s Girlfriend?

A. Lokesh Gamer girlfriend name is Nikkita.

Q. Does Lokesh Rahul use Free Fire Redeem Code?

A. Redeem Codes are among the most effective ways to obtain these items at no cost. Redeem Codes are alpha-numeric 12-digit codes that give players a chance to gain exclusive skins and other free items from Free Fire. However, once he showed how to use Free Fire Redeem Code.

Q. What is the Lokesh Gamer WhatsApp number?

A. Lokesh Gamer ka number is 8121768956.



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