Riot announces next week’s Valorant cinematic.

Riot announces next week’s Valorant cinematic: Valorant enthusiasts have intrigue with the game’s exciting setting and the story that connects it all since its inception. On the other hand. Riot Games took a while to start fleshing out this part of the game with numerous trailers and narrative pieces based around Valorant’s diverse cast of Agents.

That changed in 2021 when the publisher released stunning cinematic trailers like Duality and Warmup. And now, for Episode 5, Act 1, next week, we’re getting a completely new one.

A cinematic teaser confirm today during Riot Games’ developer Livestream. Exposing players to the game’s new map, Pearl, and a slew of other new stuff coming in Episode 5. The launch date set for Monday, June 20.

Check out Valiant’s earlier cinematic trailers, Duality and Warm-Up, for those who haven’t seen them yet.

Check out our latest trailer reveal post if you’re not up to date on the excitement around Valorant’s new map and everything coming in Episode 5. Throughout the day, we’ll release a slew of new Valorant features and content that will arrive at the game shortly.