Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak says racism is not an issue in British PM Race.

On Sunday, Rishi Sunak, a former chancellor, said that racism is not a deciding issue in the Conservative Party membership’s choice of Boris Johnson’s replacement as British prime minister. The finalist for 10 Downing Street, trailing Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in polls ahead of the leadership contest, which will be decided on September 5, dismissed the idea that gender or ethnicity would be taken into account when Tory members cast their postal ballots starting the following week.

It came when Lord Rami Ranger, a businessman of Indian descent and Conservative Party supporter, said in a video last week that Britain will be considered racist if Sunak loses the Tory leadership contest.

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“I firmly believe that no one considers it while making a choice. Sunak said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, “I don’t believe that’s appropriate. “I was chosen in Richmond to be a member of Parliament.” To their credit, our members prioritize merit above everything else. They are probably simply deciding who would be the finest prime minister while debating this issue… Gender, color, and any other factor will not be relevant, according to the Yorkshire Tory MP for Richmond.

As he begins his UK campaign trip to win over Conservative Party members’ votes, the 42-year-old British Indian lawmaker admits that he is “playing catch-up” to Liz Truss in the contest. In response to criticism of his wife Akshata Murty’s tax status on her Infosys shares, he said that not so long ago, there was speculation that he wouldn’t even have entered the competition.

“I believe I can create a nation where striving for success, having aspirations, and having hope are what define our culture; where every child has the right to a world-class education; where we set the bar for morality and decency; and where we are deeply proud of our past while being optimistic about the future. Everyone wants to concentrate on a minimal discourse, so you don’t hear about that as often, he remarked, referring to his displeasure that tax cuts were the main topic of discussion in the election.